Credit: Instagram

You can bet your bottom dollar that this is a happy time for Heather Dubrow and her family.

Heather  who has four children with husband Terry  took to Instagram to show off a photo of her daughter Maximillia's teeth just after getting her braces removed.

Plus, losing the braces wasn't the only good news for Max of late. "Big week for Max!" Heather captions the photo. "Braces off, and she got the role of Annie in the school musical! #proudmama #Annie."

Congrats, Max! It's always a relief to be done with those annoying braces. And we love that Max is following in her mom's footsteps by catching the acting bug.

Indeed, Max will have a great resource when it comes to getting acting advice, as Heather has been acting professionally for years. She recently appeared in guest spots on Hot in Cleveland and Malibu Country, the latter of which caused a bit of drama on Real Housewives this season.  

We're also glad that Max is done with braces because it's definitely been a long road for her. Back in 2012, Heather had posted a photo of Max at the orthodontist's office with the caption, "Time for Max to get an expander and stage one braces! Just saw the bill  yikes!" Beauty doesn't come cheap, Heather.

So we're wishing Max all the best in Annie. We hope she breaks a leg  but not a tooth.

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