Credit: Instagram

Is Alexis Bellino dramatically switching up her look?

The Real Housewives of Orange County star posted a photo of herself wearing a ton of pink, but it appears that the wardrobe selections were not entirely of her own choosing.

"My kids dressed me up as 'Pink-a-licious' tonight," Alexis explains in the Instagram photo's caption on October 23. "Check out my face as they go back for more pink items." Alexis certainly does not look thrilled.

"I have no room left  but I'm trying for good sportsmanship! Lolol! #love #kids #momsjob #imthejoke #mom #lifecantgetanybetter #son #daughter #pinkalicious," she adds with a healthy dose of hashtags. 

Hey, we think Alexis looks great, especially with the pink lei and pink flower in her hair. In fact, if we're thinking about hiring Alexis Bellino's daughters to be our own personal stylists.

Alexis also posted a photo of her daughters in the outfits they got to choose for themselves.

Credit: Instagram

"Love how my girls dress when it's 'free dress!" Alexis captions the photo of her two girls. "So fashion-forward! Lol."

It's not every day you see a cardigan paired with cowboy boots, but we like it. And keep on helping your mom accessorize, you two!

Source: Instagram