New addition to The Real Housewives of Orange County Danielle Gregorio may have been caught in a lie--and she isn’t even on the show yet!

The interior designer and mother of three claimed to have graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Business, but reports that Danielle barely set foot in the school! As it turns out, instead of attending the school full-time and achieving a degree, Danielle spent a whopping four and a half months there — no degree achieved.

Danielle’s rep has hastily come to her defense, stating, “Danielle’s business partner originally wrote the bio found on and she was unaware at the time that Danielle had not completed her degree. The website has since been changed to reflect that.”

Of course, that doesn’t explain why all of Danielle’s social media sites, including her LinkedIn and her bio for when she sat on the board for the OC’s branch of Heels2Heals, state that she graduated from Fullerton. (This, of course, was all changed hours after her reps were reached for comment.)

Future co-star Tamra Judge is already sharing her dislike for Danielle, stating her annoyance at Danielle’s “over-the-top need for attention.” It sounds like Danielle mostly has an over-the-top need to get her story straight!

Do you think Danielle’s education info was intentionally misleading, or was it all a big misunderstanding?