Real Housewives of Oklahoma City: Is This Bravo’s Next Series?
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Real Housewives of Oklahoma City: Is This Bravo’s Next Series?

Update: Andy Cohen confirms, "there is no [Bravo] association [with Real Housewives of Oklahoma City.]. we're not doing it. it's not a real thing."

After the many rumors of the Real Housewives franchise coming to new cities, we’ve learned to take reports that casting has begun for an all-new show with a grain of salt. (Remember when we were supposed to have Real Housewives of Las Vegas and Scottsdale?) Once again there are reports that there will soon be a new set of Housewives on the block.

According to Oklahoma City’s KFOR TV, a casting call for was held recently for The Real Housewives of Oklahoma City. The idea for the new city was pitched by Los Angeles producer Annette Latham. “We want to see how they talk,” she told KFOR TV. “How they are on television and do they photograph well.”

Some of the hopefuls who showed up for the casting included beauty company owner Eva Aranda, whose husband is a worship pastor at Life Church, and Carol Hefner, a former state senate nominee.

As for what the women of Oklahoma City would bring to Bravo, Carol Hefner said, “Without being stale boring or dull, we are gracious but we’re fun. We’re spicy, we’re saucy, we shake it up but we do it with grace and dignity.”

Oklahoma City wouldn’t be the first place on the map we thought of when it comes to the next Housewives show, but their accents are pretty cute.

Source: KFOR TV