Real Housewives’ New Shorter Contracts: If They Don’t Deliver the Drama, They’re Cut! — Report
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Real Housewives’ New Shorter Contracts: If They Don’t Deliver the Drama, They’re Cut! — Report

Though Real Housewives of Atlanta is coming off of its biggest season yet with Season 6, its east and west coast sisters haven’t fared as well in the ratings. Many have pointed to RHoA’s increased drama — from the Househusbands brawling at the Pillow Talk Party to, well, the women themselves brawling at the reunion — as the reason the show has brought in the viewers. And rumor has it, Bravo execs want that to continue.

So much so, in fact, that sources say they’ve taken that into consideration with all Housewives contracts. According to NaughtyButNiceRob insiders, all of the women are going to be receiving new contracts — that includes the Hotlanta ladies! — that will be shorter than usual, as incentive for them to bring the drama.

“Now ladies are being offered only 8 week contracts,” the source reveals, while another insider adds, “If they don’t deliver the drama in the first few weeks of taping they will be dropped.”

The site reports that the changes are due to the cast members spending too much time trying to sell their products — books, DVDs, clothing, you name it! — and not putting enough energy into their storylines on the show.

“Bravo has got super smart,” the source explains. “They wont be followed by false promises anymore. If the ladies don’t deliver the drama fast, they will be cut.”

Though none of this has (or likely ever will be confirmed), we are intrigued by the potential new approach to casting. On one hand, this could give women the incentive to interact with their co-stars (and rid us of those “Donkey Booty vs. Stallion Booty” type of fights). However, this could also backfire with over-the-top, fabricated fights that seem to come out of nowhere. Here’s hoping there’s a middle ground met!

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Source: NaughtyButNiceRob

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