Real Housewives Star Tamra Barney: “I Almost Died” — Details!
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Real Housewives Star Tamra Barney: “I Almost Died” — Details!

Death is a scary thing, and for Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney, it was almost a reality!

Last year the reality star suffered a burst hernia and things got pretty scary. "They had to reconstruct my whole stomach," Tamra told E! Online at the Smurfs 2 premiere. "It was really, really bad. I almost died."

According to Tamra, part of her "intestines were dying." What? Ew! She spent five days in the hospital after an emergency surgery. "The scary thing was I was supposed to go to Mexico the next morning and had I gotten on the airplane, they said it probably wouldn't have been able to get down in time."

We're afraid to even think about the outcome had she not gone to the doctor and gotten that emergency surgery! It's crazy to think that someone we watch on TV every week could have a brush with death like that.

And what does Tamra take away from the whole ordeal? "I have, like, abs of steel," she said of the metal plates in her stomach.

We're glad you're OK, Tamra!

Source: E! Online