Real Housewives of Vancouver Hiatus Causes City to Suffer Economically
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Real Housewives of Vancouver Hiatus Causes City to Suffer Economically

The question mark surrounding the fate of Real Housewives of Vancouver is causing drama for more people than just the women on the show.

The show's production company, Shaw Media, announced this week that the show will go on indefinite hiatus, during which time an entirely new cast will be sought. The show may still eventually return for Season 3, but it's not known when that would be.

And while this is understandably tough news for the current cast to hear, it's also been a bitter pill for the city of Vancouver to swallow.

Vancouver city councillor Kerry Jang says that the show has helped the city, both from free advertising and from the ladies spending big money at area businesses.

"They did spend a lot of money in the city of Vancouver, and I’m grateful for it," Kerry says. "I hope even with the show off they continue to spend a lot of money in our restaurants, bars, and pubs."

“I’m saddened that the free advertising would be gone,” he adds.

Jerry also points out that he watched three episodes of the show, and they reminded him about parts of the city that he hasn't gotten to explore in a while.

However, he does manage to find a silver lining in the whole situation.

"I guess the girls in Vancouver just weren’t as racy and wild as the ones in Miami or Orange County," Jerry says, which we assume is probably for the best.

So will you miss this current crop of women, or do you think it's best to start over?

Source: 24 Hrs Vancouver