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#Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’s Roxy Sowlaty Knows Which Kardashians TV Show Lady?

As soon as Roxy Sowlaty introduced herself as a “Persian princess” during the #RichKids of Beverly Hills series premiere on January 19, we knew that comparisons to Kim Kardashian would soon follow.

Of course, Kim is Armenian, not Persian. But both she and Roxy are glamorous and super-rich socialites living in Beverly Hills. They both star on reality shows on E!, and Roxy’s show is in the timeslot right after Kim’s.

As it turns out, the girls have even more in common than that. They also have close mutual friends! One familiar face from Keeping Up With The Kardashians and its spin-offs is close with Roxy, and she made sure to watch the 25-year-old’s new show and voice her support. Have any clue who it might be?