Real World: Ex-Plosion Exclusive Clip — Cory and Lauren Reconnect in the Shower (VIDEO)
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Real World: Ex-Plosion Exclusive Clip — Cory and Lauren Reconnect in the Shower (VIDEO)

The exes have arrived! And unsurprisingly, they’re already stirring up drama. It seems like just last week Cory and Jenny were cozying up in the shower on MTV's The Real World: Ex-Plosion, and now he’s pulling the same moves on his ex Lauren!

In this exclusive sneak peek from tonight’s episode, Cory announces that he’s going to shower, and his ex Lauren quickly replies, “I want to come.” Hm, we thought these two were just friends. Would you really take a shower with a friend? We think not.

“We haven’t see each other in so long. I just want to be around him, like, every second to catch up with him and connect with him,” Lauren tells the MTV cameras in the confessional. The former couple later admits they’re “too comfortable” around each other.

“I’ve had my share of relationships,” Cory says. “Not one person has had my attention the way Lauren does.” We don’t think Jenny is going to like the sound of that.

“This definitely sends the message to me that him and I are severing ties, and we are going to focus on our exes,” Jenny says when she sees Cory and Lauren giggling in the shower. It’s OK, Jenny. At least you have your former flame Brian to keep you company.

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think: Should Jenny and Cory give their exes another shot, or should they try and make things work?

For its 29th season, MTV’s Real World is spicing things up with the introduction of a brand new twist. Halfway through the season, the roommates will go on an off-the-grid vacation, only to discover upon their return that their exes have moved in. And some of those exes aren’t going to be happy about what’s been going down in that house. Drama alert!

Would you put up with Ashley's antics? Sound off in the comments!

Catch a new episode of Real World: Ex-Plosion on Wednesday, February 5 at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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