Pretty Little Liars

Reality Check: Episode 1.2, “The Jenna Thing”

Look, we know that Pretty Little Liars is no hard-hitting, true-to-life documentary series, but even a frothy soap like this one sometimes strains our suspension of disbelief. We call them out on the times they faked it and didn't make it in this week's episode, “The Jenna Thing.”

Restaurants don’t mind it when you slip out without paying the bill, as long as it’s to avoid someone whom you really don’t like: FALSE

As it turns out, restaurants are actually pretty adamant about customers paying their bills, even if it’s a little inconvenient sometimes. So we were really hoping, when the girls snuck out of the Applerose Grille to escape from Jenna, that we would see an angry waiter come running after them and force them to wash dishes all night to pay off their dine-and-dash debt!

Doctors often recommend that people with cramps should give binge drinking a try: FALSE

Alcohol has a lot of important uses — it makes people seem hotter, gives us a reason to flirt with cute bartenders, and gives us something to throw in people’s faces when they ask if it hurt when we fell from heaven — but we’re pretty sure that, despite Hannah’s claim to the contrary, using alcohol as a PMS medication is not one of them.

The average high school girl has a stink bomb lying around, just waiting to get tossed into a garage: FALSE

Teenage girls spend money on a lot of things: cars, clothes, and anything with Justin Bieber’s face on it. But a stink bomb? Not likely.

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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