Reality Check: Episode 1.8, “Please Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone”

Pretty Little Liars

Reality Check: Episode 1.8, “Please Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone”

Look, we know that Pretty Little Liars is no hard-hitting, true-to-life documentary series, but even a frothy soap like this one sometimes strains our suspension of disbelief. We call them out on the times they faked it and didn't make it in last week's episode, “Please Do Talk About Me When I’m Gone.”

The Marins’ container of mustard is of a reasonable size: FALSE

Can you ever imagine either Hanna or her mom picking up a sandwich? And even for a family of sandwich fanatics, the Marin household owns an amount of mustard that the CEO of Costco would consider to be excessive. (And speaking of the Marins, shouldn’t they be getting child support payments from Hanna’s dad? Or are all of those payments getting invested in condiments?)

When high-schoolers go to a lake, they bring along bath toys: FALSE

We know that the characters are all a bit younger in those flashback scenes this week, and obviously Lucas is pretty dorky. But were we still supposed to believe that a high-schooler like Lucas would take a toy boat to the beach where all his peers go to drink and make out?! Not even that girl who tried to sail around the world likes boats that much.

Looking at what’s in someone’s locker is a good use of yearbook space: FALSE

People keep books in there?! And a jacket? And maybe a photo or two? Who knew! Thank God that someone like Lucas was able to get on the ground-floor of this late-breaking scoop. Walter Cronkite would be so proud.

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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