Credit: Fortunata / Splash News

With charges of embezzlement and kidnapping, the ladies of Mob Wives are certainly living up to their name these days.

The latest altercation by a cast member occurred at the NYC premiere party for the new season, Mob Wives: New Blood, after Natalie Guercio got into a heated argument with another attendee and things got physical.

We already knew that Natalie’s bickering ultimately resulted in her smashing a bottle over a woman’s head which resulted in that woman being taken to the hospital. Now, we’re learning more details about just what went down and how the injured woman is planning to respond.

According to witnesses celebrating alongside the reality stars at Soho nightclub Greenhouse, Natalie began arguing with a woman near the dance floor. When the woman’s cousin, Alexis Crinion Genovese, stepped in to break up the spat, Natalie smashed a bottle over head. The incident landed Alexis in the hospital, where she needed to get seven stitches.

“[She] is an animal,” Alexis told Page Six. “It’s unacceptable behavior. I’m going to the doctor right now.”

While cops told the site they were investigating the situation, Alexis has not yet decided to press charges.

“She’s definitely a little crazy,” one witness told Page Six. “She can’t handle her drinks. She was a hot mess… she has ‘beer balls.’ She’s a loose cannon!”

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Source: Page Six