Credit: Piotr Sikora/ VH1

Jeesh, Mob Wives: New Blood star Alicia DiMichele just can’t catch a break this week. Right on the heels of husband, Eddie Garofalo, being sentenced to seven years in prison last Friday (December 6), the VH1 show newbie is being accused of carrying on an affair behind her incarcerated hubby’s back.

Alicia joins Mob Wives’ fourth season from Philly, and the mother of three has made it clear that for her, family is a high priority. However, Eddie has been behind bars since 2010 awaiting his sentencing, and PageSix reports that the mob wife has been cheating on her hubby with a married man during that time.

“Alicia has been having an affair with a Philadelphia restaurateur who’s a convicted felon, and it has become common knowledge among their circle of friends,” a source reveals. “[The restaurant owner’s] wife even seems to tolerate them as a couple. [Neighbors] see his car parked outside Alicia’s house almost nightly, and he’s been seen sneaking out in the early morning hours on many occasions.”

Fed up with the rumors, Alicia spoke with to set the record straight. “That’s not even worth a comment to be honest with you,” she states. “It sounds like a good read but that’s about it … He’s just a family friend. All parties involved know the truth. It wasn’t any new news.”

Fair enough! It doesn’t really seem fair to pile onto Alicia, who also is facing her own forthcoming court date next month, after pleading guilty to embezzlement. We can only hope that with Eddie out of commission for the next five or so years, at least one of the parents can be home with their young children.

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