Spencer Pratt seems to have no qualms about acting the part of the villain on MTV’s The Hills from 2006 to 2010. As he likes to remind the world, playing up the evil boyfriend made him quite a pretty penny. His only regret? That he and wife Heidi Montag weren’t able to actually hold on to their $10 million fortune.

“I regret playing the villain so hard with not saving my money,” he said during last night’s E! Special, After Shock: Heidi & Spencer. “I would be laughing all the way to the bank being a hated multimillionaire right now. But I didn’t see the Jersey Shore coming just out of left field, taking reality TV to a whole other level that I wasn’t prepared to go to. I felt like I was low enough. I wasn’t ready to start peeing on dance floors, but maybe I should have. If you’re going to be so hated and make decisions that affect your whole life, you should save all that money instead of spending it like you’re Diddy.”

Earlier this year, the couple revealed to In Touch magazine that they had almost completely blown the $10 million they made doing reality TV since leaving The Hills in 2010. Explaining that he would spend $4,000 on every bottle of wine he bought and that Heidi would drop $20,000 to $30,000 a day at the mall, Spencer admitted that the couple was forced to move in with his parents while they got back on their feet.

As for the couple’s relationship with former show frenemy Lauren Conrad, Spencer seems to think she owes him a big thank you. According to him, all that drama he provided helped make the fashion designer and best-selling author millions.

“I think I was mutually beneficial [to her],” he said. “I think I helped her show get millions of more viewers and helped her get millions of more dollars. I took all the dirt for the show, and I was the bad guy and she got to be the good girl. We could have a mutual, ‘I’m sorry,’ ‘you’re sorry,’ But it’s like, I helped you make millions, and you helped me make millions.”

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Source: Us Weekly