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Both the showrunners of Mob Wives: New Blood and its home network VH1 have made it very clear that this fourth season is a total rebrand of the hit reality drama. There’s the new duo from Philly (Natalie Guercio and Alicia DiMichele), an updated title, and two fresh producers on board.

We were curious as to what other new things we should expect from the show this time around, so Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with executive producer Jenn Graziano (the sister of cast member Renee Graziano!) at the Mob Wives premiere party on December 5. She filled us in on a more “mature” season that even took her by surprise.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How do you balance being the executive producer of Mob Wives with having your sister as one of the show’s stars?

Jenn Graziano: I pretend that I’m not her sister. I’ve been doing that my whole life so it’s easy to me [laughs]. No, but seriously, I really have to treat her like I treat everybody else. And sometimes she actually gets the short end of the stick because I am consciously treating her differently. But it’s not that hard and at the end of the day, I’m very fair. I’ve always been that way. I treat everybody the same.

Your family is often on-screen. How comfortable are you with being in front of the camera?

Hate it. Hate the lights, hate the cameras. I’m very much behind-the-scenes. I like the creative. The cameras just make me uncomfortable — I’m not that girl.

How would you describe this season’s tone in comparison to past seasons?

I think it’s definitely a little bit more deep. We have some real, in-your-face mob wife issues with the new arrival of Alicia, who was arrested with her husband on his case and is awaiting sentencing. I think it’s a little bit more ... I don’t want to use the word mature, but it is a step up, I think, in terms of maturation.

Would you say it’s more family-oriented?

It’s definitely more family-oriented. And it’s different because it’s brand new people. They’re getting to know each other, they’re meshing, so they’re feeling each other out.

Did anything turn out differently than you expected?

I have to say, there are some surprises. The people that you thought weren’t going to be firecrackers actually are. Even I was surprised.

Tune into find out who Jenn was talking about and see even more drama on Mob Wives: New Blood, airing Thursday nights at 10 p.m. ET on VH1.

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