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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned — and sometimes innocent bystanders can get tangled up in that fury, as Mob Wives: New Blood’s Renee Graziano learned on last week’s episode. New castmate Alicia DiMichele confronted Renee after she reviewed her jailed husband Eddie Garofalo’s wiretaps, claiming she heard the OG Mob Wife’s name come up on a phone call with a mysterious woman. Now, Renee is speaking out on Twitter and defending her friendship with Eddie.

While Alicia wasn’t accusing Renee of anything in particular, she did explain that she found out that one of Renee’s friends — an ex of Eddie’s named Carla — has secretly kept in touch with her hubby, and that Renee was even mentioned on some of the calls. Renee wasn’t having it, however, as she put it: “Why are you making me feel like I did something wrong when I did nothing?”

And it’s clear that Renee is standing her ground on the issue, as the reality star took to her Twitter after the episode aired.

“If ur lying cheating ass husband is doing u dirty take ur issues up with him NOT his female friend of 30 yrs ... #IOUnoexplanationNOTmyBIZ,” she tweeted. Fair enough, Renee! While we do believe in girl code, this is clearly an issue for Alicia and Eddie to work out privately.

And though Renee stated in the episode that she’s “not a rat” when it comes to Eddie’s relationship with Carla, she does insist that theirs is only a platonic relationship. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Eddie was being faithful, intimates Renee. After a follower said, “Exactly She knows exactly who it was, and it wasn't Carla," Renee replied: "@CGIRLSWIM: alicia knows it wasn't me!! Or carla!!”

Hmm, is Renee suggesting it was another woman that Eddie was involved with?

Time will tell how this story plays out. Alicia has her hands full these days battling her own rumors of infidelity, but we hope that she and Renee will at least be able to work out their friendship. Chicks before … well, know you!

Whose side are you on: Renee or Alicia? Let us know down below.

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