You haven’t really made it until you’ve received the parody treatment on Saturday Night Live — and after this weekend, VH1’s Mob Wives: New Blood star Big Ang has a lot to celebrate. Yep, Our Lady of Staten Island got her own spoof during Saturday (December 14) night’s live John Goodman-hosted telecast on NBC, and it was glorious.

When it comes to imitating the important celebs — Big Ang is VIP for us — it’s often best to leave the heavy hitting for two-season stand-out Kate McKinnon. This funny lady has tackled everyone from Ann Romney to Ellen DeGeneres with the greatest of ease, so of course she nailed Big Ang.

The skit, which features Bobby Moynihan as Guy Fieri hosting his own Christmas special, also includes other such celebs as Bret Michaels and Criss Angel getting the spoof treatment. But it’s not until Kate pops up as big-bosomed Big Ang in a duet with John Goodman’s Dog the Bounty Hunter that things really get hilarious. With puffed up lips, the signature smoky rasp, and an arsenal of four-letter words, SNL has really nailed the Mob Wife down to a T.

It’s about time one of the Mob Wives stars got noticed by Lorne Michaels and his crew. The show has been rife with material for four seasons now — it shouldn’t be all about the Real Housewives, after all! Hopefully, this is just the first of many shout-outs Ang and the gang will get in episodes to come.

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Source: NBC

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