Credit: Frank Ockenfels/E! Entertainment © 2013 NBCUniversal, Inc. Photo: Dorothy Wang and Morgan Stewart of #RichKids of Beverly Hills

Champagne that smells like the gynecologist office, the selfie-friendliness of apartment lightning, and partying one's eyebrows off are three of the first-world problems explored in the clip of E!'s new reality show #RichKids of Beverly Hills, which you can watch over at Entertainment Weekly.

The clip focuses on two of the lead characters: Dorothy Wang, who was discovered on the "Rich Kids of Instagram" Tumblr, and Morgan Stewart, her best friend.

Sample Dorothy quote: "Dom [Perignon] is better than Cristal. Don't believe the hype."

Sample Morgan quote: "I don't want my only skill to be signing a credit card bill"

They're joined by three other heirs and heiresses in the show's eight-episode season: Brendan Fitzpatrick, Roxy Sowlaty, and Jonny Drubel.

These young folk have totally-legitimate job titles like "blogger," "freelance interior designer," and "funemployed."

If you feel like you just can't relate to these silver-spoon-fed twentysomethings, that's sorta the point.

Quoth the official site for the show: "Every now and then, a TV show comes along that captures the voice of a generation. #RichKids of Beverly Hills is not that show,"

Adds the promo: "No jobs, no credit limit, no filter."

So yes, if you like shows like NYC Prep, My Super-Sweet Sixteen, and other one-percentish reality shows of that ilk, you're gonna love #RichKids. The show premieres Sunday, January 19, at 10 p.m. ET on E!

Source: Entertainment Weekly 
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