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Got some major New Year’s Eve plans in the pipeline? Don’t worry, Lifetime’s got something to cheer you up while you’re nursing that next-day hangover: Dance Moms’ fourth season premieres on New Years Day at 9 p.m. ET! According to a brand new preview from the episode, they’re not wasting any time getting back into the stage momma drama at Abby Lee Dance Company.

Of course, Abby Lee Miller is back to facing off with her dancers’ overbearing moms — it’s the title of the show, isn’t it? This time around, it’s Payton’s mom, Leslie, who starts in on the studio owner when her daughter becomes at risk of getting cut from the squad after falling out of a turn. But don’t think Abby is going to have anyone telling her off in front of the other mothers.

"This is a dance competition, I am a dance teacher — it is not your place [to protest Payton's placement on the team],” she bellows in the clip. “Pay your bill for the rest of the year and go!"

While most of us would stop in our tracks at the sound of Abby’s agitated yells, Leslie continues her rant. "Don't worry — we're gone. I’m done with the studio. I can’t stand these women! It’s so high school!”

Duh, Leslie. Didn’t you know what you signed up for when you enrolled Payton in this dance troupe? It’s all part of the gig. Seems like it might be best if the two do leave the pack — if you can’t handle Abby’s heat, get out of her kitchen!

Catch all the drama when Dance Moms premieres New Year's Day at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Source: Us Weekly

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