Credit: Piotr Sikora/ VH1

“She’s a degenerate,” Big Ang proclaims about pal Drita D’Avanzo in a recently-released sneak peek of Thursday night’s episode of Mob Wives: New Blood on VH1. And while Ang’s statement might have been a little over-the-top — and mostly tongue-in-cheek — she’s not totally off-base here. You see, Drita’s got a weakness for gambling, and she doesn’t know when to quit.

Our favorite mob wives head to Las Vegas this week, and it soon becomes clear to everyone that Drita’s loves herself some blackjack. So much so, that she likes to put hundreds of dollars into play, all at once. “$500 a hand?” Alicia DiMichele observes. “Drita gambles like a dude!”

Unfortunately, this Staten Island gal doesn’t have the hot streak she needs to keep up with her habit — as we see in the clip, Drita is losing hand after hand. Hours later, pretty much everything she brought with her is gone.

“I gambled my life away,” she admits. But she’s not done just yet! In a last ditch effort, she puts her final chips down.. and she loses that, too! “I lost $2,000!” she laments, as she whispers to the dealer on the way out to expect her back later.

Uh oh! We doubt that Drita’s fresh-out-of-prison hubby is going to appreciate his wife dropping so much precious cash in one night.

Do you think Drita has a gambling problem or was she just having fun? Tell us off in the comments below.

Catch the all-new episode of Mob Wives: New Blood on Thursday, December 26, at 10 p.m. ET.

Source: VH1