Credit: Lifetime

We doubt most dance instructors are millionaires, but then again... most dance instructors aren’t Abby Lee Miller. Though the outspoken dance instructor’s school is a non-profit organization, she’s certainly not pulling in a non-profit salary! That’s largely because she has a hit reality show on Lifetime: Dance Moms. So just how much is Abby Lee Miller worth?

According to the celebrity wealth estimators at Celebrity NetWorth, Abby is worth around $2 million dollars. While we’re sure she must have some semblance of a salary through Reign Dance Productions — the Pittsburgh-based organization that houses Abby Lee Dance Company — it’s likely that the bulk of her wealth comes courtesy of her reality show.

The show has been a big hit for Lifetime, and for Abby Lee, especially since reality-TV skewerer Joel McHale started featuring clips of the show on E!’s The Soup. Though many viewers will focus on the sometimes harsh feedback Abby had for her young dancers on the show (and especially their stage moms), her intense instructing style has not been without payoff.

“I have a girl in The Book of Mormon on Broadway,” Abby told Reality TV World in October 2011. “The seriousness and the dedication and the intensity, let's say if you will, at my studio has always been here. For 30 years, it's been going on. For the TV show, it's kind of just like icing on the cake.”

Well, $2 million dollars can certainly buy a whole lot of cake and a whole lot of icing!

Source: Celebrity NetWorth, Reality TV World