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We’re now just days away from the January 1 premiere of a brand-new season of Dance Moms, and we can almost hear Abby Lee Miller’s voice reverberating through our heads already. To whet our appetites, Lifetime has gifted us with an early serving of the in-your-face dance company director, via a recently-released video sneak peek.

“This is the beginning of a brand new season, and I want even more from these girls and even less from their mothers,” Abby says at the start of the video, setting the tone for what’s sure to be another tumultuous year for these stage moms.

We see Abby call her company dancers and their mothers into the studio, where she warns the long-suffering ladies that a major change is afoot for the competition team. So what exactly does she have in store?

It’s time for some fresh talent, she says! For the first time, Abby is opening things up to outsiders, conducting a cross-country search for a new member of the Abby Lee Miller’s Elite Competition Team. And, yep, that does mean that every current dancer’s membership hangs in the balance!

Of course, Abby is only searching for the best. So when we drop in on one of the auditions, she doesn’t spare us those cutthroat eliminations.

“This is an audition — it’s a real audition. This is for a job. If I keep your child, and I send other kids home out the door, you are taking an opportunity away from someone that wanted it. So I hope that everybody is here because they want to be a part of the Abby Lee Elite Competition Team.” This lady means business!

From what we can see, there’s some pretty stiff competition, and brutal cuts have to be made. This dance director won’t be sparing anyone’s feelings. “Goodbye!” Abby bellows bluntly, over and over. “Go back to your moms!”

Yikes. Even as grown adults, Abby still knows how to make us tremble in our shoes. Good luck this season, girls!

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Dance Moms premieres on January 1 at 9 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

Source: Lifetime

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