We guess we haven't heard the last of Kate Gosselin.

A former nanny to the reality star's children is speaking out to E! News about what it was like to work for Kate.

"We always had to refer to the manual because it listed her pet peeves," the nanny in the interview. "You couldn't put anything on the ground. You had to put shoes in a certain spot. You couldn't close doors loudly. You could only vacuum during certain times of the day if she was home."

Sounds like Kate liked to keep her employees on a strict set of rules — just like her kids!

She also said that "at nine o'clock, everything was done. Even if I was halfway through dishes, at 9 p.m. you had to stop. She told me her day ended at 9 p.m, no matter what was going on."

The nanny also added that the younger kids would watch episodes of Jon & Kate Plus 8 before bed. They would call it "mommy and daddy's show."

Kate's rep did not answer E!'s multiple requests for comment.

What do you think about the nanny's comments about Kate? Do you think Kate was too strict, or do you think the nanny is out line bringing all this up? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: E! News

Credit: NDN Photo: Kate Gosselin's Nanny Tells All (VIDEO)