Christina Milian on Her New Reality Show, Spending Time With Daughter Violet — Exclusive
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Christina Milian

Christina Milian on Her New Reality Show, Spending Time With Daughter Violet — Exclusive

We don’t really know when Christina Milian finds time to sleep. The multi-hyphenate may have left The Voice last summer, but she’s busier than ever, balancing two budding businesses (Viva Diva Wines and Platinum E Hookahs), a musical comeback, and — most importantly — being a mom to 4-year-old Violet. Oh, and she recently got engaged to longtime boyfriend, Jas Prince. No big deal.

But while the rest of us regular folk might think that was enough, Christina is just piling more on to her plate. Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with the gorgeous momma recently, where she spilled on her forthcoming reality show, working with Pauly D, and whether she’d ever let her daughter join the entertainment industry.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We hear you have a reality show in the works. Can you tell us a little more about that?

Christina Milian: We have something in development right now. It’s like a docuseries following my life, my music, being an entrepreneur. My mom and my sister are also a part of the show. Definitely the meat and potatoes of it is not only myself, but also my family, and how we all are go-getters, and we support each other. Also, my friendships with my girlfriends, and my relationship with [fiancé] Jas.

Christina Milian on Her New Reality Show, Spending Time With Daughter Violet — Exclusive
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Can you reveal which network we’ll see you on?

I’m working with the E! network now a lot, let’s just say that. I have another show with them called Sounding Off. It’s a kind of a weekly variety show, and we talk about what’s happening in music. It’s similar to Fashion Police. It’s Terrence J, Pauly D, Caroline D’Amore, and myself. It’s fun! We talk about what’s going on, play games — we goof off a lot. We’ve already shot a couple of specials, but you’ll probably see a few more web specials, and then it will turn into a TV show.

While you have all these projects in the works, you also have your daughter Violet. How do you balance it all?

What comes first is your child. If you do have the free time don’t waste it, spend it with your kids. I work around the clock, so a lot of the time my mornings are spent with her, before she goes to school. Sometimes when I don’t get to spend the day with her, I wake her up at night — but only if she doesn’t have school the next day! She sometimes just notices for a second and we cuddle with each other before she goes back to sleep, and that makes me happy.

Is there anything special that you two do together?

There’s a lot of stuff. I have like an acre of land beside my house, so I turned it into a little botanical garden, with fruit trees and flowers, and in the middle of it I built her a giant playground. So we go out there and play together, and that’s pretty special.

Would you ever let her be in the industry?

If it was the right time, I wouldn’t hold her back from her dreams. My parents supported me early on. I was watching TV at age 4, saying I wanted to be on television. Everything that I wanted to do was already in me. So if that’s something that she would want, I would definitely support her.

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