Desiree Hartsock

It’s This Reality Star’s Birthday Today! Do You Know Who She Is? (PHOTO)

Aww, what a little cutie! We can’t believe that this gorgeous little gal turned into such a stylist oops, we mean stylish fashionista. Though she came from humble beginnings, as we learned on the show she headlined for ABC, she’s now living a pretty charmed life.

The sailor-influenced red, white, and blue outfit she’s sporting in this picture is pretty fabulous, and hey, maybe she’ll integrate some of those buttons into her next project: a wedding dress. Yep, that’s right, this engaged lady blows out another set of candles today for her 28th birthday, and we hope she’s making a wish for the perfect wedding.

It won’t be tough for her to achieve. The sweetheart in this shot duplicated the innocence and fringe bangs when she made her television debut in January 2013. Later, she grew out the hair, but kept the smile and hooked a major hottie, albeit not the one she originally had eyes for.

Do you know who this little lady grew up to be? Click through to find out if you’re right!