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Guess Who?

This Hardcore Reality Star Admitted to Having Butt Augmentation — Who Is She? (VIDEO)

Time to check your Love & Hip Hop knowledge with this fun, 30-second Guess Who video!

This Season 4 newcomer has definitely left a lasting impression. Though we didn't see her very often on the show, her bold attitude and growing feud with her co-star led to an on-air fight during the reunion show that had everyone riled up including the host, who got caught in the middle of it!

Since then, this Bronx native has been laying low and has continued to be extra focused on transitioning her lucrative dancing career into a rap enterprise.

Oh, and when she's not in the studio cutting raunchy tracks that make us blush, she's spending quality time with her NFL player boyfriend who she appears to be bald head-over-heels for.

This girl is a goal-getter and jet-setter, and recently treated herself to a trip to the luxurious Dubai. Of course she had to put away her normal racy cutout gear, but she had a blast taking in the culture fully clothed.

Do you have an idea who this sexy rapper is? Check the video above to see if you guessed right!