TV Nostalgia

Which Future Reality Star Looked Adorable In a Gold Scrunchie? (PHOTO)

What a little baby fashionista! We can totally see this reality party girl turned fashionista in this lil nugget. "#tbt to when I rocked scrunchies and acid washed overalls like no one's business," she posted alongside this Instagram photo for Throwback Thursday, in which she looks not unlike an Olsen Twin. You just keep doing you, girl!

While she posted this photo several months ago, this former TV star and current lifestyle ace has been in a super-reflective mood lately. It's understandable; after all,the reality series that made her famous premiered a decade ago next month!

So here's your hint: The now 28-year-old typed up a letter to her 18-year-old self on her self-titled lifestyle blog the other day. Her advice was nothing too tear-jerky: wear sunscreen, enjoy being young, and be an individual. Sounds about right!

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