The Bachelor

Which Reality Star Icon Went Totally Nude in This Beach Pic? (PHOTO)

Life’s a beach and then you… share pictures of it on the Internet to prove that it really exists.

At least, if you’re this reality star, you do. The gorgeous girl has been rolling around in the sand aplenty since her stint on a popular TV show wrapped a few months ago. But while she’s light on the clothing in this recent pic, that’s certainly nothing new for her.

The naked lady coated herself in sand like a sugar donut while on vacation in the Bahamas — a state she’s somehow constantly in. We don’t know what we really expected, considering she never listed an actual occupation on her resume…

Word on the street is we might soon see plenty more of her in a beach environment, if Bachelor in Paradise casting directors can convince the 25-year-old beauty to hop on a plane to an island for the new show. We can’t imagine them making a show about love and free spirits without her, but it might take some convincing to get her to leave her luxe lifestyle behind for a month while filming.

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