Guess Who?

Which Reality Star Was a Middle School Band Geek?

Middle school was pretty much an awkward time for everybody, but we’re pretty sure this controversial reality star might be the exception to the rule. This Detroit native is a bona fide beauty now (she’s even got titles and trophies to prove it) and we can even see hints of her statuesque beauty in this sweet shot from her middle school days.

She’s a good head taller than her young pal and she’s got a smile that we could tell was bound to melt (or break) many hearts. Sure, this gal is missing her trademark props but don’t think we didn’t notice that pompom her friend is holding — what an excellent thing to twirl with!

Think you know which reality star shared this middle school photo? Take a good guess and then click through to the next slide to see if you’re right!

07.3.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Samantha Leffler
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