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Guess Who?

This Notorious Reality Star Is Pregnant Again! Can You Guess Her Identity? (VIDEO)

This year is shaping up to be the season of the baby bump, and it seems like

most of Hollywood is expecting! As for this reality star in question, she is due with her second child this upcoming summer.

So who is she? To get you started, like many reality starlets before her, she has a pretty colorful history...

From her hefty resume of 11 mugshots (even more than Lindsay Lohan!), to almost breaking her parole for the sake of attending a Kesha concert, this mommy-to-be isn’t a stranger to the law.

“Like no one understands how important this concert is to me,” the reality star explained to her lawyer. “It’s not just a concert. It’s Kesha. It’s the person. It’s not, ‘Oh, I wanna go to a random concert.’ It’s Kesha, my idol.”

Talk about a true fan!

Can you guess which baby bump belongs to this famous starlet? Watch the video above for more hints. You have 30 seconds. Ready, set, go!