Guess Who?

Which High-Profile Reality Star Got a Smooch From His Ex’s Lookalike?!

Well, this is quite the shot!

It’s been a little bit since we saw this guy cuddle up with a hot blonde… OK, not really, because after he broke up with his ex — who looked just like this gal — he dated a series of cute blondes, all of whom were totally gorgeous.

And it’s totally fitting, when you think about it, since we fell along with this reality star dude right along with the gal who loved him for his gingham, marionettes, and soft-spoken way. Anyway, the other day, this entrepreneur posted a shot of himself at the KIIS jingle ball getting a smooch from a fashionable fox.

“KIISES” he captioned the pic, because he’s just that clever. Know who it is? We’ll give you one more clue: After seeing this pic, we really needed a drink, people — of water, that is. Click through to find out if you know what’s up in this fun ‘gram.