Nick Viall’s Post-Breakup Rant Caught on Tape — See It Here! (VIDEOS)
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Nick Viall’s Post-Breakup Rant Caught on Tape — See It Here! (VIDEOS)

Looks like Reality Steve is officially redeemed! On July 28, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray's May 9 engagement became public knowledge, but way back in May, the spoiler king had already said that the Bachelorette would pick the former pro baseball player over runner-up Nick Viall. However, burned fans from Desiree Hartsock's Bachelorette season (Brooks Forester, anybody?) didn't at first trust that Steve had gotten it right. Then came a trusty set of fan-taken videos that changed everything...

The Texas-based blogger posted the goods in his Season 10 premiere day article in May, and boy were they a doozy. Nick was on his final leg of the trip home from the Dominican Republic, flying from Charlotte, North Carolina back to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and revealed the entire ending to a friend on the phone. Unfortunately for Nick, the person in the seat behind him filmed the whole thing, since he was talking really loudly (in fact, at one point, he apologized to his seatmate for talking so loudly. But then continued to do it).

In the first of the videos, Nick talks smack about Josh. He basically says he’s like a newborn, since he just “eats, sleeps, and s—ts,” adding that he’s “really competitive,” “super emotional,” and “really insecure.” Oh, and “set in his ways.” Which should be great since he starts off by saying that Josh will just “do whatever she wants,” referring to Andi, whom he later calls “really stubborn.” Snap!

In the second video, he goes off a lot more. Highlights include him talking about how he kept telling Andi that if they could just get through the time, they could do normal stuff that he couldn’t wait to do, such as “just go to, like, K-Mart and just chill.” See guys? Romance isn’t dead. We don’t know why Andi didn’t pick Nick.

When his friend asks if Andi might change her mind, Nick momentarily compares their relationship to Jason and Molly Mesnick’s, since the Season 13 Bachelor dumped Melissa Rycroft for his now-bride, though he (in an almost psychic move!) doesn’t seem convinced that she’ll do so. “I didn’t try to change her mind,” he says, “it’s OK.” Oh Nick, if you could only see yourself two months from now...

As we now know, Nick did try to change Andi's mind over the ensuing eight weeks — despite the fact that the former assistant D.A. was sneaking over to her future hubby Josh's place (also in Atlanta) like every night. Chris Harrison broke the news of Nick's try-hard ways at the "After the Final Rose" special live after the finale aired, and dished that the 33-year-old had not only followed Andi to Mexico while she was on vacation, but he also tried to talk to her at the "Men Tell All" taping in mid-July and, when rebuffed, gave her a lengthy feelings-filled letter. In other words, McSalty couldn't take a hint until, at "ATFR" on July 28, Andi told him to his face that she was never in love with him (a statement that we soon found out didn’t sit well with the guy).

Upon re-watching these videos now, we can see how hard Nick really took this rejection. It's also interesting to note, while Andi and Josh are in the middle of their "OMGwearesoinlove" press tour, that Nick saw all these red flags in their relationship. That said, we don't know how much his insight really counts here.

Source: Reality Steve