Reality Steve Says Nikki Ferrell Was a Total Diva on Bachelor 2014 Set
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Reality Steve Says Nikki Ferrell Was a Total Diva on Bachelor 2014 Set

Casting for The Bachelor and Bachelorette attracts all kinds: sweet guys and gals genuinely looking for love, fame seekers with a modeling career to launch, a crazy or two, and, of course, the divas — the princes and princesses who make their presence known loud and clear, lest anyone doubt their royal status. So who was the most recent diva with a capital D to move into Bachelor Mansion?

According to Reality Steve, Bachelor 18 winner Nikki Ferrell could have dialed the diva down a notch...or three. In response to a tweet in which Juan Pablo Galavis’s girlfriend bashed Bachelor producers by wondering “how they could sleep at night,” RS wrote, “You mean the same producers that kissed your ass and bent over backwards for you on Juan Pablo’s season?”

The spoiler king goes on to list Nikki’s behind the scenes demands: “The ones [who] bought you more luggage once you started traveling when every other girl was only allowed 2 pieces? The producers that gave you the penthouse suite in Miami when all the other girls had regular rooms? The producers that constantly let you take as much time as you needed to get ready for dates, ITM’s, etc., when everyone else was on a schedule? The producers that you made go search the streets of Vietnam to buy you a microwave because you were insistent on needing it for your bikini wax…?”

Ay yi yi… if Steve’s intel is on point, it sounds like Nikki got the royal treatment indeed. Though, to be fair, maybe it was because producers realized early on that she was going to be JPG’s final pick and wanted to keep her happy. Who can say? Whatever the case, it appears to have worked. At least Juan Pabs clearly appreciated the bikini wax…

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Source: Reality Steve