Would Spoiler King Reality Steve Ever Write a Tell-All Memoir? He Says…
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Would Spoiler King Reality Steve Ever Write a Tell-All Memoir? He Says…

Thanks to social media and savvier than ever audiences, it’s getting harder and harder for producers of reality shows to keep series secrets under wraps prior to air dates. And Reality Steve, the king of spoilers, makes their already tough gig nearly impossible.

With all the industry insider secrets he knows, Steve could probably hit paydirt with a tell-all book. You know he’s got more juicy gossip filed away than what he reveals in his blog. So would he ever consider spilling all the dirty details he’s sitting on in a bestseller?

The knower of all things Bachelor/ette fielded that question from one of his blog readers, when the follower emailed him, “have you ever been approached to write a book?” Steve responded with, “A long time ago.” The reader went on to ask, ”Is this something you ever think about for yourself?” Steve’s answer? Prognosis negative.

“The book that people would want to see me write would essentially be betraying people who told me things in confidence over the last 5 years. I don’t see myself writing that book.” ABC producers just issued a collective sigh of relief. And so did our eyeballs, actually. The levels of knowledge contained in an RS book may be TMI for our tender hearts.

It’s probably safe to say that Steve’s sources would dry up and his career as oracle would be over if he spilled secrets told to him in confidence. Plus, it’s nice to know he’s got some loyalty to the people who’ve made him the successful spoiler he is today. So, for now, we’ll just bask in soaking up what goodness he is able to give us in his blog, and wait until he retires for a tell-all to come out.

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