Reality Steve’s Bachelor Reunion Scoop: Who Hooked Up? Who May Be On Bachelor Pad 3?
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Reality Steve’s Bachelor Reunion Scoop: Who Hooked Up? Who May Be On Bachelor Pad 3?

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas.

Spoiler King Reality Steve got some scoop from The Bachelor reunion — a.k.a unofficial Bachelor Pad 3 casting session — held this weekend in Las Vegas. It sounds like many, many Bachelor/ette alumni were in attendance, including Season 6 Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and the guy who almost-kinda-sorta-but-not-really broke her heart, Frank Neuschaefer, along with Jenna Burke of Ben Flajnik’s The Bachelor Season 16.

Also, do we have some new Bachelor Nation couples in the works or just some quick hookups? We’re already rooting for you, Mr. Sunshine and Ms. Valishia Savage-Sunshine!

Here’s more from Steve’s latest blog:

• “Ali and Frank shared a lot of time together on camera. I GUARANTEE YOU that the producers will play this storyline up for more than it really was. Bottom line: Frank actually still lives with the girl he dumped Ali for on his season and I’m told he’s very happy with her. Nothing is going on between Frank and Ali, nothing happened in Vegas between Frank and Ali, but you can bet your ass they will make it seem like it did.”

• “Jenna from Ben’s season attended, as she was the only one of Ben’s girls who was there. And that pretty much guarantees she’ll be on Bachelor Pad since there is no other reason whatsoever to let her there and no one else unless she was under serious consideration. And considering what good meltdown TV she brought us, why wouldn’t they want her back?”

• “Natalie Getz the make out bandit was on the loose again. Who was her lucky catch? None other than Ben Castoriano from Ashley’s season. Hey, what happened to her crush on Ryan Park?”

• “Well, looks like Ryan spent some quality time with one of Ali’s good friends, Valishia Savage from Jake’s season. I think there’s a good chance that could be a power couple, or at least a non in-your-face couple, come Bachelor Pad 3.”

• “A lot of guys from Ashley’s season were there, and I expect we’ll see some of them cast for BP3.”

• “The producers were in rare form in trying to get the cattiness out of people asking some in their ITM’s: ‘So who here do you think looks the ugliest?’, ‘Who can you not stand to be around?’, and ‘How desperate is so-and-so trying to get on Bachelor Pad?’ It’s unbelievable what they can get these people to say.”

• “As for some people who attended with girlfriends or boyfriends back home? Ummmm, lets just say that didn’t stop them for scoping out the scene, so to speak. Not all of them tried and not all of them succeeded, but some did. … I’ll report if I hear any more in the future, but that’s what I got for now.”

Who are you hoping to see on BP3? Do you like the idea of Ryan and Valishia? What about Natalie and Bency?

Source: Reality Steve

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