Reality Steve’s Bachelor Spoilers for Season 15, Episode 4
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The Bachelor

Reality Steve’s Bachelor Spoilers for Season 15, Episode 4

Who said there wasn't going to be much drama this season? (Oh yeah, that was Brad Womack himself.) Looks like The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 4 is going to feature a whole lotta jealousy and catty dramz! Can't wait until Monday to find out which ladies lose their chance to become Mrs. Brad Pickelsimer Womack? Read on for Reality Steve's full Week 4 spoiler!

Reality Steve’s Bachelor Spoilers for Season 15, Episode 4
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EPISODE 4: 14 down to 11

Chantal O'Brien goes under the sea: The producers are just plain mean. They make Brad and Ashley Spivey sing, even though they're terrible; they make Emily Maynard fly, despite her tragic backstory; and now they are making Chantal O'Brien go underwater, even though she has a phobia about water. Chantal is thrilled to learn she's getting a one-on-one date with Brad... until she realizes the date card message, "How deep is your life," involves diving and not the Bee Gees. Chantal and Brad take a helicopter to Catalina Island, where she discovers they'll have to put on wetsuits and diver helmets to plunge to the ocean floor for the scenic stroll of a lifetime. (Side note: Catalina is also where Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke became Kip-Ten on Bachelor Pad.)

Chantal and Brad spend the night on the island, albeit in separate rooms, making the girls back at the ranch assume she's gotten the boot. Think again, girls! Chantal returns to the bachelorette mansion with a rose in hand.

Brad and his bachelorettes go on "Loveline": The next day Brad takes nine women on a date to a radio station, where they discover they'll be guests on "Loveline" with Dr. Drew & Psycho Mike. Here, they pull a Bachelor Pad favorite: a kissing contest. In the studio, Brad gets blindfolded and all nine ladies kiss him one by one. They then move the party to a rooftop pool (per usual), where Ashley Hebert gets wasted and upsets some of the ladies. The story of her ex-boyfriend's recent death seems to play into this somehow. Britt — the Stanford grad and chef — gets the rose.

Brad scares the crap out of Michelle:
Before Brad picks up a "black-eyed" Michelle Money, he takes Ashley H. outside to reassure her that their connection is real. Michelle is infuriated that she is losing time with Brad because some other bachelorettes can't keep their emotions in check. (Pot, meet kettle.) Brad eventually whisks Michelle away in a helicopter to the top of a skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles. Michelle is deathly afraid of heights, but she manages manages to overcome her phobia and get down the side of the building — all for the sake of Brad. She gets a rose.

Again with the therapist! Brad is overwhelmed by all the connections he is feeling with a number of women and consults his therapist, who assures Brad that he owes it to himself — as well as to the women — to explore the bonds he is forming with them. Heeding his therapist's advice, Brad pulls the delighted Emily out for a surprise picnic in front of the mansion during the cocktail reception, sparking some serious envy-laced backlash. Funny note on the therapist — Reality Steve found the guy's IMDb page. It turns out, British therapist Dr. Jaime Greene (if he really is a doctor... ) is the former drummer from Go West. Remember them from "King of Wishful Thinking," the song that played in Pretty Woman? Hysterical!

Who goes home? Three women are eliminated: Stacey Queripel, Meghan Merritt, and Lindsay Hill.

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