Bachelor 2015: 5 Reasons Chris Soules Should Be Bachelor
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The Bachelorette

Bachelor 2015: 5 Reasons Chris Soules Should Be Bachelor

There are a lot of single guys in the world, but few have as much to offer as one Mr. Chris Soules. The Bachelorette Season 10 contestant made a great impression during his long ride on the Andi Dorfman love bus, and even had us misty eyed when Dorf kicked him back to Iowa before taking advantage of that Fantasy Suite key. (Seriously, WHAT were you THINKING?) And even though the show is dunzo after the July 28 finale, there’s another one on our mind: The Bachelor Season 19.

When the show debuts in January — after filming September through November — there will be a new man handing out roses. Rumors circulating have narrowed it down to two likely guys: Chris Soules and Season 8 heartthrob Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Well, step aside kissing bandit, because here are 5 reasons Chris should get the gig.

1. Arie who?

While we can never forget those piercing blue eyes, smoldering stare, and makeout abilities, it’s been a while since he hit the small screen. All jokes aside, there’s something to be said for relevance, and it’s definitely a reason producers pick past season favorites to headline the subsequent one. Short attention spans and all...

Chris, on the other hand, made quite the impression in the last couple of months, and we could never get tired of him. In fact, we’re kind of hoping he doesn’t find love as the Bachelor and has to go on The Bachelorette again for Season 11… Genius, right?

2. He wants to find love

Sounds simple, right? Well, it could be, but hear us out. While Arie spent a lot of time making out with Emily Maynard and was pretty bummed when she dumped him on the 2012 Bachelorette finale, we don’t know where he is these days, heart-wise. Is he looking for love? Maybe. Is Chris? Yeah, and he’ll even write letters about it.

3. Uh, have you seen him?

Lots of muscles but not meathead-y, broad shoulders, great hair, an amazing smile… we could go on all day about how cute Chris is, and if he’s the next Bachelor, we’ll go on all season about it. Wouldn’t that be fun for all of us? Plus, we’re rather concerned that he made it so far on the show and there are still next to no pics of him on the Internet stripped down to his skivvies. Let’s fix that, shall we?

4. We think his tractor’s sexy

He could be a farmer in those clothes. Oh, he is one? Got it. But while some farmers are struggling to make ends meet these days, we’ve heard that Chris is a multimillionaire. So, we’re imagining his chosen lady would spend less time scraping mud off her boots and more time balancing books and living like the queen of the rodeo.

5. There’s a lot to learn

He writes letters, wears prints well, and has a kickass family. But what else do we really know about Chris, other than the fact that he doesn’t lie? A season spent getting to know his every nook and cranny (we’re talking about his brain, creep) sounds like a worthy way to spend our time.

What do you think: Is Chris Soules the perfect choice for the next Bachelor? Hit the comments!