The Voice Live Recap: Blind Auditions Week Two! (9/30/2013)
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The Voice

The Voice Live Recap: Blind Auditions Week Two! (9/30/2013)

And we’re back for week two of the blind auditions on The Voice 2013!

After an epic comeback from coaches Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine will certainly be looking to prove they belong and can easily find this season’s winner.

We think Xtina might have a leg up on the competition this season, but on a show that changes with each performance, it’s anybody’s game. Christina snagged some great artists last week including coach and fan favorite Matthew Schuler whose performance of “Cough Syrup” caused impressive iTunes numbers.

Blake’s winning streak seems like it’s due for a break, but the country crooner is working harder than ever to prove himself and embarrass his fellow coaches.

Obviously Blake’s main target is bromantic love interest Adam Levine, but this season the contestants seem less impressed with Blake and Adam’s antics and are opting for more serious coaches.

Let’s get started:

Ray Boudreax

This self-proclaimed “old soul” had a daughter at age 22, and gave up his music career to help out as a dad. This adorable father is clearly obsessed with his little girl and even mows lawns to make some extra cash for her.

A small town guy, he’d never even been on a plane until he traveled to audition for The Voice, but chances are he’ll be boarding some more planes after his epic rendition of Bill Withers' “Use Me.”

Blake and Cee Lo quickly turned for his bluesy rendition and Adam worked hard to quiet the ladies in the audience down.

Cee Lo told Ray that he didn’t know he was a white man because of his amount of soulfulness. Blake welcomed Ray to his team, and Cee Lo quickly welcomed the Louisiana native to his team.

In the end Ray opted for a country boy and picked Team Blake.

Lina Gaudenzi

This former model knows what it’s like to be the pretty face behind the camera and the awkward high schooler. In school she put on 40 pounds, ending her modeling career, and then moved to France to be a cafe singer.

But no one cares about your looks in the blind auditions!

Lina, who by the way is gorgeous, took to the stage with confidence and grace singing “Landslide.” And though we’ve heard dozens of versions of that song on this show, Lina’s sound was unique and unexpected.

Christina Aguilera quickly turned for her and Blake Shelton followed suit towards the end of the tune. As soon as Xtina found out that Lina’s influences include blues, soul, and folk, she decided that Team Christina was the place for the Miami artist.

Adam jumped to Christina’s defense saying that young female artists could only benefit for the pop icon’s direction. After we stopped swooning from the Adamtina lovefest, it was time for Lina to make a decision. And with the support of Adam Levine, she joined Team Xtina!

The Voice Live Recap: Blind Auditions Week Two! (9/30/2013)
Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    


This book smart singer was looking to pursue her passion for singing, while combating the pressure to have a “substantial” career.

But it was clear from the first line of Duffy’s “Mercy” that Juhi belongs on the stage. Her effortlessly cool style earned her two button pushes from Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green.

Though she admitted to “flipping out,” Juhi’s performance seemed controlled according to Papa Cee Lo. And though Christina tried to appeal to the “woman” in Juhi, the quirky singer found a home on Team Cee Lo.

Malford Milligan

This artist has had a tough life as a black albino. He grew up working in the cotton fields and is legally blind. But from his adversity, Malford found his passion for music.

Looking to overcome prejudice, the singer took to the stage singing “Let’s Stay Together.” Sadly his rendition didn’t earn him a button push. Cee Lo noted the original overshadowed Malford’s performance, and Blake begged the singer to make an album so he could buy it.

Justin Blake

This Tennessee native was grateful just to have a job, but with a baby on the way, Justin needed to step up his game. He was ready to take his singing career to the next level, and decided to take the ultimate risk by singing Blake Shelton’s song “Sure Be Cool If You Did.”

Surprisingly Adam was the only coach to turn, and the tattooed rocker couldn’t have been more excited for his artist.

“You picked a good one,” Blake said. “Justin, that takes nerve to come out here and sing one of my songs.”

Adam quickly admitted he didn’t even know it was Blake’s song, and gave his pal a hug. Justin was equally excited to be on Team Adam, and with a quick handshake, joined the Maroon 5 singer’s team.


This 15-year-old sensation has been singing her entire life, and has such a close relationship with her vocal coach that the woman took her and her family in during a time of financial hardship.

Clearly vocal lessons were worth it because this youngster tore up the stage with incredible range and power. And though Christina was the only coach who turned for the majority of the song, Blake and Cee Lo turned at the last second.

Adam rooted for Timyra-Joi to join Team Xtina, but Cee Lo declared that he’d help “nurture” her as an artist. Blake reminded the singer that he won the show with a 16-year-old girl previously.

But this girl on fire was ready to tap into her feminine instincts and joined Team Xtina.

The Voice Live Recap: Blind Auditions Week Two! (9/30/2013)
Credit: Tyler Golden/NBC © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Monika Leigh

This singing beauty went from being a childhood performer to giving up on her dream after learning about how hard the “real world” is. She stopped performing for four years to work in hotel management, and decided to sing again for the first time on The Voice stage.

Singing “The Thrill Is Gone” with bluesy soul, Monika sashayed her way around the stage and earned a button push from Adam and Cee Lo. Towards the end of the tune, Blake pressed his button and started “the man fight.”

Adam loved Monika’s effortless ease, and Cee Lo tapped into the artist’s take on the song’s lyrics. Blake told Monika that he fell in love with her voice after hearing her technical perfection.

Ultimately it was Blake’s many trophies that crowned him victor in the “man fight.” Monika quickly joined the country crooner’s team.

Zach Hinson

This firefighter has a passion for saving lives, but has channeled the loss of his firefighting cousin into performing. Singing “Drunk on You,” Zach tried to use his cowboy swagger to win over the ladies in the audiences and the coaches in their big red chairs.

Unfortunately he didn’t get a single button push, but the coaches agree he was a “hottie.” Blake noticed Zach went off pitch and took risks that ultimately didn’t pan out. The coaches encouraged Zach to return, and the artist took the advice to heart.

Briana Cuoco

And now for the audition we’ve been waiting for! Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco’s sister Briana was ready to quit her job as Kaley’s personal assistant and pursue her singing career. And it turns out there’s no sisterly jealousy in the Cuoco family! Kaley’s a huge fan of the show and can’t wait for her sis to have the spotlight.

Though Briana started off shaky, she killed it on the chorus and got a button push from both Christina and finally Cee Lo at the last moment.

Xtina told Briana that she was “moved by power and raw talent,” as her sister sobbed tears of joy backstage.

Though Adam and Blake commended Christina’s pitch, Cee Lo practically begged the singer telling her he’s “just a man.” But in the end Briana wanted “girl power” and picked Team Xtina.

George Horga Jr.

This son of immigrants was ready to show his parents that their struggle was well worth it. His parents came to America from Romania and were excited to give their son an opportunity like this one.

Singing Bruno Mars’s “Treasure,” George showed that he not only has an impressive set of pipes, but he also has the ability to work the stage. Is it too early to admit we have a tiny girl crush?

Cee Lo noticed the crowd’s reaction and was the only coach to turn for the hopeful artist and Adam commended the singer on having a great coach. Blake told George that he was one of those contestants he didn’t quite understand, but predicted that by the end of the season, he’d be a major fan.

Up next was a montage of winners. Cee Lo picked R&B artist Anthony Paul and Blake snagged pop singer Cilla Chan. And Christina grabbed rocker Jacob Poole for her team.

Preston Pohl

Rounding out tonight’s group of hopefuls was Texan singer Preston Pohl. The artist grew up performing in a Christian rock band until his mentor tragically passed away. But he was determined to do his mentor proud and continue to fight for his dream of performing for massive audiences.

Preston took to the stage with charisma and a mesmerizingly funky style. Singing MGMT’s “Electric Feel,” Preston brought originality and creativity to a seemingly dull night of blind auditions.

The coaches went wild for him with everyone but Christina turning around. And the pop diva even admitted she’d “missed out.” Blake tried to appeal to Preston’s Texan roots, but his plan backfired when Cee Lo started naming lesser-known hip hop artists from Preston’s hood.

Adam begged the singer to write his own sales pitch, promising him any and everything if the eccentric artist joined Team Adam. The Maroon 5 rocker loved Preston’s conviction as a singer, and ultimately Adam’s passion won out as the singer joined his team.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Did it stack up to the premiere week? Weigh in below!

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