American Idol 2014 Recap: Hollywood Week Final Performances — February 13, 2014 (VIDEOS)
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American Idol

American Idol 2014 Recap: Hollywood Week Final Performances — February 13, 2014 (VIDEOS)

We're sure a bunch of American Idol Season 13 contestants spent Hollywood Week hoping that American Idol would be their Valentine. But the time has come to name the Top 30, and the brutal cuts continue in the episode tonight, February 13, which kicks off on FOX at 8 p.m. ET.

So far, the contestants going through to the live shows include eight gals — Andrina Brogden, Bria Anai Johnson, Emily Piriz, Jess Meuse, Jill Jensen, Kristen O'Connor, M.K. Nobilette, and Malaya Watson — and nine guys — Alex Preston, Dexter Roberts, Emmanuel Zidor, George Lovett, Jordan Brisbane, Malcolm Allen, Maurice Townsend, Sam Woolf, and Spencer Lloyd.

So who'll join them? Tune in tonight, or just read our live recap. We'll be updating this very page periodically throughout the hour — and adding videos a bit later tonight.

Now that we're back, we finally get to find out if the Idol judges chose C.J. Harris or Casey Thrasher to go through to the Top 30. Both of these guys obviously deserve it, so who's it going to be? Both! Okay, we've gotta say it: It was cute the first 10 times they faked out every contestant, but now, we're starting to feel a little bad for these people!

Marrialle Sellars has undoubtedly been one of the judges' favorite contestants since auditions, so we can't understand why she's so sure she's not getting through. Even though she's not feeling too optimistic, we like how she practically skips into the room to find out her fate. We love how shocked she is when she finds out she's actually staying — and how adorable is it when she dances out to tell Ryan she made it?

At this point, Jena Irene Asciutto should just change the pronunciation of her name from "Gina" to "Jenna." However, does it really matter how people say her name as long as she's in the Top 30? We're guessing not.

Quite an outfit Caleb Johnson is coming to the final judging in (seriously, THAT HAT) — but either way, he made it through. We like his "Oh, yeah!" celebration yell — totally reminds us of the Kool-Aid man.

How precious is Ethan Harris, though? We're so glad he made it through to the Top 30!

Majesty Rose
is another one of those contestants we totally predicted would make it through to the Top 30. So excited for her! It's so much more fun to see people's dreams coming true than it is when we have to see them have their hearts broken.

Okay, we absolutely love Briston Maroney, so we're rooting for this 15-year-old in a big way. His parents were so excited to find out that he got through to the Top 30 — even if Harry Connick, Jr. is a "wicked man" for faking him out like that.

Uh-oh. Briana Oakley and Brandy Neelly are going up the elevator together. This usually doesn't mean anything good, but in the case of C.J. and Casey earlier, it did. So what's happening for these girls? They're both going through to the Top 30!

We have loved Kenzie Hall since she out-Macklemored Macklemore during Hollywood Week. We're so excited she made it through to the Top 30 — we're looking forward to seeing her perform in the live shows!

Austin Wolfe
is the last girl to be added to the Top 30 — although we feel so bad for Sandie, who didn't make it. We hate that occasionally some contestants receive their bad news while others are receiving their good news (and vice versa). It's a bad time to celebrate when someone's just had their dreams crushed in front of you — and it's a bad time to be the person to have their dreams crushed, too.

We're down to the wire with Ben Briley and Neco Starr, who both auditioned in Atlanta. They must be feeling pretty tense, considering the fact that they're the last people left. But at least they got escorted upstairs by Ryan Seacrest, right? For the first time in Idol history, it's up to America to decide which guy makes it through. Wanna cast your vote? Hit or the Idol app.