American Idol 2014 Recap: Hollywood Week Final Performances — February 12, 2014 (VIDEOS)
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American Idol

American Idol 2014 Recap: Hollywood Week Final Performances — February 12, 2014 (VIDEOS)

We knew that Hollywood is a place where dreams are fulfilled and crushed, but geez! The joy and despair of the American Idol 2014 contestants has us going through mood swings galore here. What about you?

Season 13 continues tonight, February 12, as the aspiring singers return to their solo roots, leaving the group auditions behind. Now, it's just them facing the music (and the judges) alone with only the Idol band to support them.

Of course, if you're too impatient, you can bypass the Green Mile entirely and check out the list of the Top 31 contestants.

This is the big one, guys — the episode that determines which contestants get to stay and compete in the live shows and which are going home. And by the looks of things, Harry Connick, Jr. is done with being Mr. Nice Guy. As long as he continues being Mr. Dangerously Good Looking, we're fine. Also, why does this show continue to give us anxiety on the regular? Taking an elevator up to see the judges alone? Once again, we are so glad we're not part of this competition.

Emily Piriz is up first, and she gave an incredible performance — and Keith Urban couldn't contain how impressed he was with her voice. It's a no-brainer that all three judges agreed that this girl deserves to make it to the next round!

Here comes Spencer Lloyd, aka the guy we are already in love with. Okay, how could you not be? Have you seen that face? Fortunately, he's not just a pretty face — his voice backs it up, too. But the judges were noticeably less impressed when he performed an original song that Harry said was a lot like "a public service announcement." Ultimately, though, they judges decided to let him through. No big surprise there, considering the fact that there are a lot of different elements to being an American Idol, and it involves more than songwriting capabilities.

Jill Jensen
also went the original song route, but got a way better reaction from the judges. And poor Jillian was totally freaking out when Harry acted like she wasn't getting in, only to tell her she was in the Top 30! No more Mr. Nice Guy, indeed.

Madelyn Patterson was the first contestant so far not to make it in the Top 30, and she took it so well. Maybe we'll see her next year? She's obviously a sweetheart, considering the fact that so many people had such an emotional reaction to her leaving.

It's no big shocker that George Lovett made it through to the Top 30 — Jason Mraz would have been proud of that rendition of "I Won't Give Up."

Additionally, we love Sam Woolf's voice. What a relief that he got into the Top 30 so we can continue hearing it every week! Although, you know, if he doesn't make it to the end of the competition, he's got a job singing us to sleep every night.

Malaya Watson
has a huge voice for a sixteen-year-old, but it's never a good sign when the judges stop your performance right as it starts and ask you to start over... but in Malaya's case, starting over was exactly what she needed to rock the performance. She made the Top 30 — but Harry Connick, Jr. is getting way too good at the fake-out.

Maurice Townsend
took "Wrecking Ball" and made us totally forget about naked Miley Cyrus licking a sledgehammer. And it's exactly what he needed to make it into the Top 30! We don't need to pinch you, Maurice — this isn't a dream! Also: When Harry calls you a badass, you are officially a certified badass.

See the look on J.Lo's face when Bria Anai was singing? That is the reaction you're looking for when you're singing for supper in front of one of America's most recognizable pop legends. So, yeah, we'd say it's a good thing she speed walked to the judges to hear the awesome news that she made it into the Top 30!

Jess Meuse
definitely knows how to make an introduction for one of her original songs: "This is about an idiot." She got sent up to the judges alongside another contestant, Jesse Roach, which we thought was a little weird since everyone else is going up alone. No, wait... she and Jesse have to sing again so the judges can decide between them? Not a high pressure situation or anything. Not like this whole competition hasn't been a high pressure situation, right? After the girls perform, the judges ultimately decide to let Jess Meuse through to the Top 30 — even though it was obviously a tough decision.

Now for a change of pace: Dexter Roberts. When he found out he got into the Top 30, he broke down crying on the elevator ride back down. It's hard not to be ecstatic for him!

What an epic montage they showed before Emmanuel Zidor reached the room the judges were in! Ugh, he tugged at our hearts when he walked in crying, right? This is why we're so excited he made the Top 30. Make Miami proud, Emmanuel!

We're so excited for Emkay Nobilette! Then again, we'll root for anyone who sings an Ed Sheeran song.

Kristen O'Connor
: In or out? In! Also, her hair looked fabulous.

The amount of sass that Jordan Brisbane has made us like him from the beginning — so what better sixteenth birthday gift could he receive than getting into the Top 30? Happy sweet 16, Jordan!

Another group of two is going up the elevator together: Leah Guerrero and Andrina Brogden. We're not surprised that Andrina's the one who made it through, though... she did have J.Lo dancing in her seat, after all.

Okay, yes, Malcolm Allen's solo performance was awesome, but who else pulls off a bow tie this well? Fortunately, we will get to see more of his dapper looks in the future, because he made the Top 30 — yellow sweater and all!

The look of pure joy on Keith Urban's face while he watches Alex Preston's performance of one of his original songs tells us everything we need to know. No big surprise that he made it in to the Top 30. In the words of J.Lo, he can't believe it.

Oh no — not another pair of contestants going in together. C.J. Harris and Casey Thrasher — which will it be? Looks like we won't know 'til tomorrow night. See ya then?

02.12.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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