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Recap Roundup: Episode 1.2, “The Jenna Thing”

Pretty Little Liars has the bloggers talking and, just like on the show, both adults and teens are falling for these scandalous high school kids. Here's what the powers-that-recap had to say about the show's premiere:

Emily Donahue from MTV:

It’s only the second episode of Pretty Little Liars and already mysteries are being solved (Efficient! I like it). They dove right into “The Jenna thing,” although, I have to be honest — I broke under the first eight mentions of "the thing," and had to immediately Google it last week. Then I was even more intrigued by how ABC Family could possibly handle a storyline that involved a girl having a firecracker blow up in her face — a firecracker so specifically tailored that it could render one blind without leaving a mark, scar or any kind of disfigurement. (Does the government know about this?) Because if there is one thing Jenna has, its flawless skin ... and nice shades. You just have to admit it. I mean, where did she get those? I want them.

Sunglass porn aside, holy creepness, this show is getting scary! Has there ever been a more ominous sound in teen TV than the tap, tap, tap of Jenna’s walking stick? Nanny Carrie wouldn’t last a second in Rosewood (though the actress who played her would, get it?). But through the doomsday tapping, we did learn more about the girls — and the creepy men and boys that want to kiss them.

Melanie Rob from

After making a shock return to Rosewood at Alison's funeral, the girls are wondering what poor, blind Jenna is doing back in their lives. Through the miracle of flashbacks we learn exactly what the 'Jenna thing' is that the girls are so afraid of getting out. You see, Alison pretty much nuked a hide-out belonging to a creeper named Toby Kavannaugh for spying on them trying on clothes in Emily's bedroom. Total creeper! Long story short, Alison tosses what she believes is a stink bomb into the hide-out and it pretty much blows the place up. As it turns out, Jenna was in the hide-out and was blinded by what happened. Could she have exacted her revenge by killing Alison?

The biggest shocker, however, came in the closing moments; Spencer [literally] ran into blind-as-a-bat Jenna texting. Yes, texting! She then turns around and stares right at Spencer. What could this mean? Is Jenna really blind?Is she our Gossip Girl-wannabe, A?

AD Lynn from Babble:

Best Moment of the Show goes to my newly appointed best dad on TV. Aria’s dad, played by Chad Lowe, makes my heart ache. Right now, I love him, but I have a hunch he’s going to turn bad. Aria’s been giving him a hard time because she knows (but her mom doesn’t) that he previously had an affair with a woman who teaches in his department (oh, academia!). Infidelity, ooops! He and Aria have a chilly moment directly after she comes in from hooking-up with her teacher, something she knows is wrong but can’t resist (have you seen him? totally understandable). Will father and daughter ever reach détente? Dad wonders. She asks if he loved the affair woman. He tells her he felt for her, but never meant to cheat on Aria’s mom — sometimes your feelings and instincts simply get the best of you, though, and you do things you know you shouldn’t and wish you hadn’t. Been there, thinks Aria.

It’s a gorgeous moment. A true-to-life instance of a father dealing honestly with his daughter, treating her as both an equal and a growing child at the same time. Détente reached. Wish this happened more on TV — and in real life.

Mark O. Estes from TV Over Mind:
  • Emily was so in love with Allison, but this makes me think two things: 1. Maybe Emily isn't really into Maya, but what Maya reminds her of Allison i.e, room, sexuality, bad girl status, etc. Remember when Emily thought Allison was back? She looked as if Maya was a thing of the past just that fast. 2. I think that Emily is actually "straight" or at least "bisexual". If she is a lesbian, that's cool too, but I think Allison completely screwed with Emily's mind so much that I don't think Emily really knows what she wants just yet. If Allison had of genuinely been affectionate to Emily when it came to that situation, then I would say maybe Emily was having a sexual awakening with Allison. But obviously, Allison used Emily like an old toy that she felt she could play with when she got bored. No respect for Allison in that department whatsoever.
  • When it comes to Aria and Byron, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in a way. Both are doing/did wrong things and gave into temptation when they both knew the situation was wrong and knew the risks and consequences if they are/were caught. I don't think that the truce between them will last and I bet that when the crap hits the fan, it will be one epic shouting match in Casa Montgomery.
  • Det. Wilden is the worst detective EVER! "Why did you guys fall asleep?" HELLO!!!! It was a sleepover, you moron!!!! Am I alone in this?
No, Mark O. Estes, you're not alone in thinking Det. Wilden has all the brains of a bumbling Keystone cop. Did you miss the recap this week? We forgive you — check it out here.

12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Sam Lansky
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