The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 19 — Death Strikes New Orleans
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The Originals

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 19 — Death Strikes New Orleans

Things are getting complicated in the Quarter. Sure, nothing has ever been simple on The Originals, but now that the Factions are headed to war, the body count has never been higher.

Let’s start with the obvious: Father Kieran finally bit the dust in Season 1, Episode 19 (“An Unblinking Death”). Note: we say “finally” because his impending doom has been dragged out over the last few episodes and we’re glad the poor guy has been put out of his misery. But his death wasn’t the result of the hex — well, not entirely.

In a desperate attempt to save her uncle, Cami resorts to shock therapy to help rid Kieran of the hex. No one thinks this is a good idea — even Klaus, who thinks Cami should just let her uncle die in peace — but Cami wants Kieran back, and she’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means putting the electroconvulsive paddles to her uncle’s head herself.

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 19 — Death Strikes New Orleans
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But Cami’s shock therapy session does nothing to rid Kieran of his hex. In fact, it only weakens his heart. So when he goes into cardiac arrest, Klaus gives Cami another option: turn Kieran into a vampire. Klaus thinks that Father Kieran deserves a better fate, but Cami isn’t being rational at this point. She just wants her uncle to be OK. And knowing Klaus, the one person he can’t seem to say no to is Cami, so he complies and gives Kieran some of his blood and let’s him die.

When Kieran awakes, he’s seemingly hex-free, but he’s also not so happy about being turned into a monster. Father Kieran pulls a Papa Forbes and chooses not to go along with the transition, but sadly, Cami doesn’t get to say her goodbyes. Just when it looked like Kieran was back to himself, the hex returns and sends him straight to Crazytown. Luckily, Klaus was able to save Cami before Father Kieran, in his delusional state, killed her — and she sadly gave Klaus the OK to stake her uncle. Klaus’ final words to Father Kieran? “You deserved a far better fate.” We’re pretty sure we could say that to everyone on this show.

Oh, Father Kieran. Just when we started to really like you, the Powers That Be had to take you away. We were looking forward to him sharing more screentime with Klaus. Let’s face it: he was one of the more trustworthy characters on this show. He truly wanted to help people. And now with Francesca at the helm of the Human Faction, she’s only going to make this war for power more complicated.

But Kieran wasn’t the only casualty of this episode. The Crescent wolves suffered a huge loss this week after somebody sent a suicide bomber out to the bayou. And Eve was among the casualties (we’re going to miss our Fairy Wolfmother) — but only after Ollie smothered her to death. Yep. It turns out Ollie was the one who hired the bomber, but he never wanted anyone to get hurt. He only wanted to scare his pack into taking action against the vampires. When Eve was critically injured, Ollie tried to convince her to activate her wolf gene to heal her, but when she refused, he snapped. He told her that he hired the bomber, and in order to keep his secret safe, he had to kill her. Yikes.

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 19 — Death Strikes New Orleans
Credit: The CW © 2014 The CW Network    

We understand that the Crescent wolves have to mobilize — because let’s face it: Hayley is the only one with any sort of plan — but seeing war-hungry Ollie at the helm of the pack doesn’t bode well for their future. Clearly, Jackson would be the better leader. Now he needs to step it up!

Speaking of Hayley, she took matters into her own hands this week, and we couldn’t be more impressed. Hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman scorned. After the bombing wrecks havoc on the bayou, Hayley goes after who she thinks is behind the attack — Marcel. But when she arrives at Marcel’s hideout, he tells her he wasn’t behind it. After all, he has a knack for saving children, not killing them.

In fact, Marcel tells Hayley that he saved her as an infant. Not only did he know her parents — back in the 90s the Crescent wolves ruled the city — but he was there after somebody turned on her parents, and he found Hayley in her crib and took her to Father Kieran. Now, that’s an interesting development!

Clearly, Marcel knows a lot about the happenings in the Quarter. At the end of the episode, Josh brings Marcel Kieran’s key necklace (yes, from his cold, dead neck). According to Marcel, people will be coming for this necklace and “Cami’s not ready for this. Not yet.”

It looks like the only good thing to come out of Father Kieran’s death was bringing Klaus and Marcel back together for a fleeting second. Klaus is allowing Marcel back into the city for 24 hours to care for Cami because when he uncle died, she only said one name and it wasn’t Klaus. Ouch!

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, April 29 at 8 p.m. ET on the CW.

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