The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 — Will Davina Kill Elijah?
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The Originals

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 — Will Davina Kill Elijah?

If last week’s series premiere of The Originals was the equivalent of a review session — so much exposition! — Episode 2 (“House of the Rising Son”) charged full speed ahead into Mikaelson psychology, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

We knew Marcel was at one point Klaus’s protege, but it turns out he was much more than that — Klaus treated him like a son, and Marcel betrayed him by turning Klaus's throne into his own. As for Rebekah, she fell in love with him, which explains why things are super awkward between Marcel and Bekah now.

They weren’t bound by blood, but Klaus saw himself in Marcel the day he freed him from slavery. Back in 1820, Marcel was just a nameless young slave. In fact, it was Klaus who gave him a name — Marcellus. He saw himself in the boy, who had been beaten and abused his entire life. So the Mikaelsons took young Marcellus in, and this is where things started to get juicy. (Ridiculous wigs and all!)

Young Marcellus had a crush on Rebekah, a crush that then turned into lust for the female Original once he turned of age. Klaus, sensing the growing attraction between Marcel and his sister, warns Marcel to never touch Rebekah again. If he does, he will make sure Marcel is never turned into a vampire. Even though Klaus loves Marcel like a son, at the end of the day, Rebekah is his blood — and he’ll make sure she’s never too far out of his grasp.

(Side note: Did anyone find this exchange between Marcel and Klaus a bit incestuous? I love Klaus, but him wanting to be the only man in Rebekah’s life was a little much. Sure, I can understand how Klaus doesn’t want to lose Rebekah’s affections — after all, she’s the only one who will love him unconditionally at this point — but he was willing to welcome Stefan into the family with open arms in the ‘20s.)

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 — Will Davina Kill Elijah?
Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2013 The CW Network    

Of course, Marcel doesn’t head Klaus’s warning and instead of getting himself killed, he gets Rebekah daggered for 57 years. Klaus had given Marcel two options: he could un-dagger Rebekah and he could live out the rest of his human life with her, or he could become a vampire and forget all about her. He obviously chose the latter, and it broke Rebekah’s heart.

Now, there’s a lot to this backstory that we’re missing. We know how Klaus likes to break Rebekah’s heart, so it’s possible he never gave Marcel an option. Or perhaps Marcel was waiting for Rebekah to wake up so that he could explain himself. Whatever happened while Bekah was asleep, I’d like to see what went down between Klaus and Marcel. Maybe he flipped the humanity switch? We’ll have to wait for another flashback to find out.

But here’s what we know now: Marcel is king. And in Episode 2, we get a chance to see the king in action. The episode opens with a human bloodbath — or as Marcel describes it, an “all you can eat buffet” — in which his night walkers feast on unsuspecting tourists at an exclusive part. But Marcel doesn’t let his tourists die. After his vamps have had their fill, he instructs them to feed the humans vampire blood and compel them to forget. “No muss, no fuss.” (Sound familiar, Damon fans?)

However, the party is over for Marcel when he learns six of his night walkers have been killed. Who would be brave enough to do that? Rebekah Mikaelson, who doesn’t care how many bodies she has to leave in her trail, because she’s on a mission to find Elijah. (That scene in which Rebekah wipes the blood from her cheek in her rearview mirror pretty much explains why she’s my favorite Mikaelson.)

She’s come back to New Orleans to find Elijah, who “mysteriously” stopped answering her calls. After chatting with Hayley, who Rebekah hilariously confuses with the help, it doesn’t take Rebekah long to figure out what Klaus has done to Elijah. Now the question is where did he stash the coffin? Rebekah goes to Sophie, who she quickly realizes is literally no help because she can’t practice magic. So instead she tells Sophie she’s a fool for ever thinking Klaus would betray Marcel — his “son.”

If only Rebekah knew Klaus was hard at work trying to win Marcel over. And he thinks the way to do that is through his heart. It seems Marcel has taken interest in bartender Cami — and whatever Marcel takes an interest in, Klaus does too. So Klaus tries to persuade Cami to go out with Marcel, and when he asks her what it would take, the knockoff Caroline Forbes responds, “Be a nice guy and maybe the opportunity will present itself one day.” Aww. So Cami wants a nice guy. How cute.

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 — Will Davina Kill Elijah?
Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2013 The CW Network    

You know who else could use a nice guy? Hayley. Feeling trapped in the middle of two sociopaths, the pregnant werewolf goes to a local witch to ask for wolfsbane — to kill the baby. But it turns out this witch was traitor, and she called one of Marcel’s men to tell him a werewolf was in the Quarter.

Now Marcel is down six men, so he’s not exactly having the best day, which makes his run-in with Rebekah super awkward. He tells Rebekah he doesn’t know where Elijah is, and it looks like Marcel is still angry that the Mikaelsons fled the city when Mikael came to town. But Rebekah didn’t even know Marcel was alive — she thought he had died in the flames. While it’s clear these two have insane chemistry, and I can’t wait to see where this story goes. If Rebekah truly did love him at some point, it will be interesting to see how she reacts to his interest in Cami.

Elsewhere, Hayley contemplates ending her baby’s life when she’s approached by three vampires. She manages to ward off one, while auntie Rebekah saves the day and kills the other two. If you haven’t been counting, her death town is now at eight.

Klaus is furious. He had his own plan, and now Rebekah has ruined everything. He gave Marcel Elijah’s body to earn his trust. He had compelled Cami to go on a date with him. And most importantly, he found a way to get a spy into Marcel’s inner circle. Everything was going according to said plan, until Hayley left the house.

Of course, when Hayley tells him why she left — to put his baby “out of its misery” — Klaus freaks and nearly kills her. Luckily, Rebekah is about to calm him down. There are many reasons why this scene between Klaus and Rebekah is my favorite — the tears in his eyes as he stands face to face with his fears, the way Rebekah unconditionally loves her brother after all he’s done to hurt her, and the way these two see how similar they are. She’s the girl who loved too much, and he, the one who was too afraid to love at all.

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 2 — Will Davina Kill Elijah?
Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW © 2013 The CW Network    

After Rebekah calms him down, she share another sweet scene with Hayley in which the werewolf hands Bekah the white ash daggers Klaus needs to dessicate them. Now, the power is in Rebekah’s hands. I have to admit: I was once a Hayley hater. But seeing the way she effortlessly interacts with Rebekah has me hooked. It’s about time Rebekah found a bestie she can trust.

Rebekah, now on a warpath, interrupts Marcel and Cami’s date to kick his ass into telling him where Elijah is. But when he challenges her to kill him, she goes for the next best thing — Cami. This gets Marcel fired up, but for what reason? Why is he so into this psychology student anyway?

But I digress. After compelling Cami and forcing her to forget this awkward first date, he takes Rebekah back to the Mikaelsons’ old home. He brings her to Elijah’s coffin, which is being watched over by none other than little miss Davina.

When Bekah tries to pull the dagger out of Elijah, Davina the teenage witch promptly uses her magic to throw Rebekah out of the house. It’s clear that whatever magic Davina possesses, she’s even more powerful than an Original, which is not good. She even erased Rebekah’s memory so she can’t remember where Elijah’s body was kept.

Rebekah tells Klaus about the mess they’ve gotten Elijah into, and suddenly the game shifts from trying to befriend Marcel to help the witches to trying to take down Marcel and his powerful little witch to get their brother back. But they better hurry. At the end of the episode. Marcel asks Davina to find a way to kill an Original. (NO, NOT ELIJAH. Seriously, he gets one episode to shine and then Julie Plec locks him in a box and sticks a bounty on his beautiful head? Not cool.)

But why does Marcel want to eliminate the Originals? After all, they were once his family. And why did he not go an look for them once they fled New Orleans? Did he want the power all to himself? As much as we want to believe Marcel has a reason for his madness, we're not quite sure what to make of this Bag Bad quite yet.

  • “I was expecting to see some sort of supernatural, magical baby bump. I guess you’re not showing yet."
  • “Come out here and tell me what you’ve done to my brother you narcissistic wanker!”
  • “If we turned every man you dropped your knickers for, humans would cease to exist and we’d have no bloody food.”
  • “We can’t be killed, silly girl.”
  • “I’ll tell you what’s not being relevant — a coven of witches who can do bloody magic.”
  • “I’d have a greater chance of draining the Mississippi with a straw!”
  • “What the hell are you people?”

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, followed by Supernatural.

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