Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — There Will Be Blood Relatives
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Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — There Will Be Blood Relatives

Tonight’s episode of RavenswoodSeason 1, Episode 4 (“The Devil Has A Face”) — saw four of our five teenage protagonists barrelling forward in their search for the truth about the town’s murderous curse. The fifth, a tragically desperate Luke (Brett Dier), owns this episode as he struggles to find normalcy. Will someone please tell this poor boy he lives in Ravenswood, the unofficial ghost capital of America?

Chandelier aftermath

Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — There Will Be Blood Relatives
Credit: Skip Bolen / ABC Family    

Episode 4 sees the gang trying to come to terms with the fact that a generations-old curse tried to kill them with a chandelier. Some are dealing with it better than others. Miranda, really coming into her role as the group’s protector, seeks out the truth in the cemetery. She sees a group of ghosts, including Abby, one of the curse victims from 1992, gathered around a gravestone. They run off when they see her, as Miranda is apparently the ghost no one wants to hang with in Ghost World. Or, at least, the ghost the Ghost World bully told everyone else not to hang with unless they wanted their gravestone split down the middle. (That’s totally what happens to Abby’s stone!) Hey, there’s only so much retaliation you can take against someone who is dead.

Meanwhile, Caleb is still trying to find the words to explain to Hanna why he is still in Creepsville, PA. This time, it is via email, and the words just aren’t coming. Miranda interrupts the towel-clad Caleb, and they chat about why Caleb can’t just tell Hanna the truth. But we’re distracted by Caleb in a towel. This guy takes more showers than anyone else on television, but we’re not complaining.

The gang (sans Miranda, who cannot leave the funeral home/cemetery) meet at The Volt to discuss The Curse. Well, Olivia, Remy, and Caleb discuss the curse. Luke wants to pretend it doesn’t exist and have a nice, normal dinner-and-a-movie date with Remy. It seems that the Montagues and the Capulets (aka Remy and Luke’s parents) have finally chilled to the idea of them being together. Remy is hesitant to hang in a dark theatre. Clever girl!

On Luke’s way to school — adorably, via bike — a raven flies into his bicycle’s wheel spokes and dies a gruesome, centrifugal death. Luke crashes, but plays it cool, even when Olivia’s boyfriend Dillon stops his car to ask Luke where his sister is. Yeah, Luke is really committed to his “Everything’s fine!” campaign.

We may have a new favorite ship on this show: Uncle Raymond and the Black Widow! You know that look Rochelle Matheson and Raymond Collins shared in the second episode? Well, it’s back in tonight’s episode, but in awkward conversation form.

An impeccably dressed Ray runs into Rochelle and Olivia outside of The Volt. First, he totally blows Rochelle’s cover as his non-stranger. He asks why she left Miranda’s funeral so soon, apologizes for the way the cops harassed her, and said he would never let anyone speak to her like that in his home. Then, he totally blows Olivia’s cover as non-cursed teenager by telling Rochelle that her daughter was at “a party” at Caleb’s the other night (aka the DIY seance and chandelier-crashing).

The Matheson women make a quick exit, and Liv proceeds to grill her mother about her connection to Ray. Olivia didn’t know they were “friends.” Apparently, Ray and Rochelle knew one another in high school, but didn’t see each other pre-Papa Matheson’s death as there was bad blood between Charles and Raymond. Olivia begins to suspect Ray for the murder of her father, because, why not?

Whilst hanging at the cemetery, Caleb confronts an old woman for grave-robbing — OK, she’s stealing flowers from the tombstones, but still a serious offense within the cemetery-related crime world. The old woman immediately recognizes Caleb. Seems he is the spitting image of the long-dead brother of her friend, Henry. Henry’s brother’s name: also Caleb Rivers. Eery.

Caleb and Remy take a trip out-of-town to seek out Caleb’s “Uncle” Henry. (Great, another fake uncle.) Henry, now in a nursing home, challenges Caleb to a game of chess for answers. Henry tells Caleb and Remy that his brother disappeared years ago after “the pact,” but nothing else because Caleb sucks at chess. Henry tells Calebs that he has to get better at making his moves.

Olivia goes to the Collins Funeral Home to snoop on Uncle Ray. Miranda admits that her uncle is totally spooky, and that he spends much of his time in his saw-and-knife-filled study, pouring over news articles about Charles Matheson’s murder. Miranda promises to give Liv the full tour when Ray isn’t around. In the mean time, the two bond over their respective mother problems: Olivia’s mom is way too overbearing, whereas, Miranda has never met hers. Miranda also confesses her “attachment” to Caleb. Are these two friends now?

Friends enough to comb through hair samples together! The next day, Miranda leads Olivia through the morgue and into Ray’s study, full of spooky objects. In addition to his cache of weapons, including a knife that could have been the as-of-yet unfound weapon used for Papa Matheson’s murder, a human heart and, wait for it, a many-drawered catalog of human hair samples. That’s right! Ray has a collection of hair from the curse’s many victims.

The girls find his latest acquisition: a lock of Miranda’s silky brown strands. Miranda freaks out, justifiably angry that Ray has held onto a piece of her, even though he barely gave her the time of day when she was alive. She uses her rage to finally cross the borders of the cemetery. One small step for ghost-kind!

Luke likes Honey-Roasted Peanuts

Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — There Will Be Blood Relatives
Credit: Skip Bolen / ABC Family    

Meanwhile, in Luke’s “La, la, la, life is normal” zone, the hunky bicyclist has decided to take to the stage! Actually, his history teacher persuaded him to appear in the school’s production of Our Town to make up for his abysmal history grades. (Note: We are totally suspicious of Kindly History Teacher/High School Drama Teacher. He is entirely too nice.)

When Luke finds out that Tess (aka Liv’s ex-best friend) is in the play, he almost opts out. But, Tess convinces him with a vulnerably honest speech about how she regrets using Olivia to hang out with the in-crowd. Later, while they are rehearing one of their scenes as Our Town’s central couple, George and Emily, she makes him laugh by reminiscing about her nickname in 8th grade: Honey-Roasted Peanuts, earned when she made the poor choice of trying to eat peanuts with braces. They kiss… twice. But it’s for the play… maybe.

Later, Luke tells Remy that he kissed Tess. She asks if it was for the play, and he admits that he’s not sure. (We’re digging his honesty.) He tells her that he likes how he feels when he’s with Tess, like he used to feel when he was with Remy. Now, with her dogged pursuit of the truth about the curse, being with Remy doesn’t feel good. We totally know where Luke is coming from — and his struggle to find some normalcy in the wake of his father’s murder and the realization of the curse really tore us apart this episode — but this breakup totally breaks our heart. As do Remy’s tears.

In a total invasion of Caleb’s privacy, Miranda finishes Caleb’s email to Hanna. She writes that Caleb loves Hanna and will be home soon. She shows Caleb the unsent email, and tells him to leave Ravenswood to be with the person he loves while he still can, which is really selfless and sweet, but Caleb’s not going for it. He calls back to a conversation the two shared earlier in the episode. In it, Miranda had asked Caleb if he found her ghostly presence irritating. He finally answers her: he doesn’t find it irritating; he finds it confusing. Eek! Does Caleb have feelings for Miranda, too?

Before the conversation can continue, the two are interrupted by a knock at the door. It is Uncle Henry, apparently, on leave from his nursing home. He takes a necklace strung with two keys from around his neck and thrusts it into Caleb’s hands. Henry says something about how “he never signed it, but he lost the battle” and “it’s your turn now,” then storms off. Yikes!

Caleb employs Remy’s help in figuring out what the key means. Remy has done some research on the Old Caleb Rivers (of course), and discovered that he worked as a bailiff before his disappearance. They head to the high school, formerly the town courthouse, where they find the basement cell one of the keys fits into. Inside of the cell, they find a box fastened by a lock that fits the other key. Caleb tries to open it, but the key snaps with half still inside. Of course.

Walk away from the light, Miranda!

Ravenswood Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — There Will Be Blood Relatives
Credit: Skip Bolen / ABC Family    

Miranda, still on her first post-death jaunt around town, comes to the high school to find Caleb. She finds Luke instead. Bad luck, as he promptly ignores her. You know who doesn’t ignore her? Her mother! Who is sitting in ghost form amongst the practicing high school actors. They share a teary reunion as Miranda sits down next to her, and her mother finally takes her daughter’s hand in her own.

Backstage, Olivia, Remy, and Caleb try to convince Luke to see reason, i.e. that there is a curse out to kill them. He’s still not having it. Cue a pointy swinging prop that would have taken out the teenagers if not for Caleb’s timely tackle. “Still think you’re not a part of this?” Caleb deadpans at Luke. Meanwhile, we tally up the curse’s failed murder attempts. Seems the Ravenswood spirits have really lost their edge.

Back at the funeral home, Caleb confronts Ray about his human hair collection, but the drawers have been emptied. Mistakenly assuming that it was Caleb who ransacked the study earlier, Ray tells him to stay away from his things. Caleb assures him that he will be gone soon. We’re not sure if Caleb is taking a bus out of town, or making a morbid quasi-joke about his seemingly imminent death-by-curse. Either way, Ray doesn’t flinch. He’s not spilling any Ravenswood secrets — yet.

A frustrated Caleb returns to his caretaker’s pad and angrily kicks the locked box he found in the school’s basement. It pops open, Caleb stares at its content, and the scene ends. Damn you and your episode-ending teasers, Ravenswood!

The credits roll as we watch Miranda and her mother walking hand-in-hand towards a light-filled door. Now, we’ve never personally been ghosts before, but we’re pretty sure the illuminated threshold is code for “moving on.” Selfishly, we will Miranda to stay. Her not-dead friends need her! But, she follows her mother into the light. R.I.P., Miranda?

What did you think of Episode 4? Were you are heartbroken over Remy and Luke’s split as we were? What do you think is in the box? Share your reactions in the comments below!

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