The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — Davina, the Teenage Witch
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The Originals

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — Davina, the Teenage Witch

If you thought Angela Chase was angsty, then you obviously haven’t met Davina Claire.

It turns out the teenage witch at the heart of the war between the vampires and the witches is actually a pretty compelling character when you give her something to do. Sure, she’s still a brat — but then again, what 16-year-old isn’t? However, when she went toe-to-toe with Klaus in tonight’s episode of The Originals (Episode 4: “Girl in New Orleans”) something really clicked.

She’s the most powerful witch in existence, yet she’s still a teen. At the end of the day, she’ll never be able to outwit Klaus because she’s ruled by her emotions. Case in point? Tim (Pretty Little Liars star Shane Coffey), her childhood crush who Davina hasn’t seen since she was plucked from her life and stored in an attic at age 10. When she’s suddenly reunited with him, she does what any girl would do: gaze fondly at him, while hoping he’ll look her way.

For the first time all season, Davina showed that she was more than just a weapon of mass destruction — she was a normal teenage girl with a crush. Unfortunately for the little witch, emotions are a sign of weakness for Klaus, and he saw his first real opportunity to steal Marcel’s biggest weapon from his arsenal.

It all started when Davina begged Marcel to let her attend a live-music festival in town, knowing that Tim would be there, but he only let her go because Cami agreed to play chaperone. Unbeknownst to Marcel, Klaus told Cami all about vampires, but compelled her not to be creeped out. (Yeah, it was a blink and you miss it kind of episode. Why would Klaus tell Cami all about vampires? Your guess is as good as mine.)
The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — Davina, the Teenage Witch
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Klaus, seeing Davina’s interest in Tim, lures Tim and Davina into a church — which we learn was the center of a recent massacre… and Davina’s home, natch — where they have the most adorable and juvenile conversation ever. “Hey, Tim. I got your note... Thanks for meeting me here.” But lurking around the corner is the big bad wolf himself to rain on Davina’s parade.

Klaus tries to persuade the witch that Marcel is just using her, that he doesn’t actually care for her the way she cares for him. After all, he doesn’t even let her out of the attic (although, he does give her all the Free People frocks her heart desires). But Davina doesn’t budge, so Klaus uses poor Tim as bait instead. If she doesn’t join his cause, he’ll kill poor Tim. Oof. Obviously, Klaus hasn’t spent that much time with teenagers because this sends Davina into an epic temper tantrum. It’s kind of amusing to see Klaus knocked down every once in a while. (It’s not like he doesn’t deserve it.)

But shortly after Davina’s rage blackout, which sends everyone flying through the air, Klaus decides to kill Tim anyway — so he throws him off the church balcony. Poor Davina is crushed to find her childhood love near death. She’s so distraught, she thinks she’s the one who did it! So Klaus offers her a solution: his blood can heal Tim. He offers to save Tim, and when he does, he playfully reminds her that she owes him a favor.

Would that favor be returning his brother Elijah? Because it’s highly unlikely she’s going to do that anytime soon. That’s another thing about teenagers, Klaus: they rarely share their shiny new toys. She’s going to have plenty of time to play because Elijah is finally awake!

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 4 — Davina, the Teenage Witch
Credit: The CW © 2013 The CW Network    

So at this point in the game, it looks like Klaus has the upper hand. Not only does he have Cami on his side, but he also has a deal with Davina, who is both Marcel’s secret weapon and the little girl who holds his brother’s life in her hands. But Marcel isn’t as dumb as he looks. There’s no telling what kind of deal he has with Davina — or why he’s using her in the first place.

Davina wasn’t the only Originals character to come to life this week. We also delved into Cami’s backstory, and for once, I started to like the brave bartender. Remember that awful church massacre? It turns out Cami’s twin brother was the one who committed the heinous act. In fact. that’s the reason she came to New Orleans in the first place — to try and make sense of her brother’s sudden mental break. It’s all she can think about, she tells Klaus. She can’t even sleep at night because every time she closes her eyes, she sees him.

As epic as Klaus’s fight with Davina was, nothing could match the emotional intensity of his scene with Cami. He comes to her window, hoping to compel her to stop obsessing over her brother. Cami pleads with him not to. She wants to find out what happened. What if a vampire compelled him to do it? She needs to get to the bottom of it. Klaus can’t take that away from her.

However, Klaus thinks he’s doing what Elijah would have wanted — he wants to ease her suffering. “I’m trying to honor my brother,” he says. “What about my brother?” she pleads. In the end, Klaus compels her to forget. Instead, he vows to find out what happened to her brother and exact revenge.

This scene was extremely powerful for many reasons. It shows how far Klaus and Cami’s relationship has progressed. These two are actually friends. Klaus actually did what he thought was best for her, not because she’s a pawn in his game but because he actually cares. A lot of what makes this dynamic so great is seeing how similar these two characters are, which is why I have a hard time believing this will turn into a romantic relationship. (However, did anyone else notice how Cami and Caroline have opposite views on people who do terrible things? Interesting…)

And then there’s Hayley, who I still think needs more screentime — and a storyline that’s more central to the plot. Don’t get me wrong, I like that she can kick some serious butt, but I’d like to see her stop being such a lone wolf. Plus, the platonic interactions between Klaus and Hayley are kind of cute.

“It’s like looking for a needle in a rather large pile of needles.”

“Hey, Tim. I got your note... Thanks for meeting me here.”

“You two are absolutely adorable!”

“For a girl caught in a war between the witches and the vampires, I might be a better friend.”

“You feel that? That’s your blood starting to boil.”

“Agnus? Sophie? It’s all the same to me.”

“She’s comfort food.”

“I am trying to honor my brother.”

What did you think of Episode 4, Originals fans? Are you loving this new series? Sound off in the comments!

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, October 29, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, followed by Supernatural.

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