The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 — Elijah Gets His Revenge
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The Originals

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 — Elijah Gets His Revenge

Remember when this show was all about Klaus? After tonight’s fine hour of television, consider Elijah Mikaelson the breakout star of The Originals. In Season 1, Episode 6 (“Fruit of the Poisoned Tree”), Elijah took control — and for once, things actually went according to plan! Well, almost.

The Originals is a show that likes to keep its viewers guessing. That’s just one of the many reasons it’s earned a season pass on my DVR — of course, the hot guys and the even hotter accents aren’t bad either. And in Episode 6, there’s a distinct moment where for a second, everyone’s ties to New Orleans are broken, prompting me to ask why anyone in their right mind would stay in this supernatural twilight zone. Then, just like that, it sucks you back into the drama with a shocking surprise. That, dear readers, is the sign of a hit.

Tonight’s hour began with a humorous look into Klaus and Elijah’s brotherly dynamic. The two Mikaelsons are reading in the living room — Elijah is scanning through his mother’s grimoire, and Klaus is freshening up on his William Blake — while a young human bleeds out on the coffee table. Just another typical day in the Mikaelson residence, natch.

But their book club is cut short by Rebekah, who is thoroughly fed up with her brothers’ antics. Sigh. Despite her best efforts, her older brothers will always be thick as thieves — leaving her to clean up their mess. Or in this case, scrub a 200-year-old carpet.

Elijah, however, has his own plan to set in motion. He tells Klaus and Rebekah that they need to break the link between Sophie Devereaux and Hayley because their deal with Sophie is now “null and void.” But first, he has to make a pit stop at the church to visit Davina to keep up his part of the deal.

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 — Elijah Gets His Revenge
Credit: Annette Brown/The CW © 2013 The CW Network    

He chooses a spell from his mother’s grimoire to give to Davina. Unfortunately for the teenage witch, it’s not a particularly interesting spell. In order to master her control, Elijah tells her she must use her powers to untie a knot. Only then, will he let her choose a spell of her own liking. At first Davina scoffs at this, but then she realizes how frustrating a task untying a knot with your mind actually is.

Elsewhere in the French Quarter, Sophie gets kidnapped by Agnus, the elder witch who thinks Klaus’s hybrid baby will be the witches’ undoing. She injects Sophie with a hexed serum — one that causes miscarriages. It doesn’t take long for Hayley to start to feel the effects.

Luckily, in their search to find Sophie, Elijah and Klaus — who isn’t so happy he’s been designated to No. 2 in command — stumble upon the scene of the crime.  

When they find Sophie, they aren’t exactly thrilled to find out about Agnus’s plan. So while Elijah and Sophie head back to the house to take care of Hayley, whose temperature is steadily rising by the minute, Klaus goes in search of a… higher power.

The big bad hybrid interrupts a Faction meeting. It seems as though there is a circle of  humans in New Orleans who know all about the town’s supernatural happenings. At the center of The Fraction is Father Kieran. Once Klaus tells Kieran that the witch he’s searching for is the same witch who hexed his nephew Sean, he tells the Faction to start the search party — but not before putting Klaus in his place first. (Can Father Kieran please get more screentime?)

Meanwhile, Sophie and Elijah are in a race against the clock to save Hayley. In order to help lower her temperature, Elijah cradles Hayley in his arms in the pool. That’s right, dear readers, Elijah gets very, very wet. Luckily, that little spell Elijah gave Davina to practice was actually a spell to unlink Sophie's life from Hayley’s. The teenage witch manages to break the link just in the nick of time  — and everyone notices the obvious sparks between Elijah and Hayley, even Rebekah!

Sophie begs Elijah not to let Klaus kill Agnus. After all, she’s the witches only link to their power. So Elijah, always the noble one, gives her his word as he goes to stop Klaus.

Back at the church, the Faction has found Agnus, and he serves her up to Klaus, who is more than anxious to kill her. (You know how Klaus likes to play with his food!) But when Elijah interrupts his little party, Klaus is none too pleased. But Elijah has given his word, and Klaus knows that to Elijah, his word means everything. So Klaus hands her over — and then Elijah does the most BAMF thing ever.

Not only does he tear out three hearts — sorry useless humans! — but he then snaps Agnus’s neck with just a flick of the wrist. You see, Elijah may have promised that Klaus wouldn’t kill the witch, but he said nothing about himself. BOOM! And that is how you become a badass, ladies and gentlemen. Once Agnus put that hex on Hayley and the baby, she was as good as dead in Elijah’s book.

The Originals Recap: Season 1, Episode 6 — Elijah Gets His Revenge
Credit: Annette Brown/The CW © 2013 The CW Network    

How is it that Elijah — who has only been in three episodes total — is far more compelling than Klaus? I still think the writers need to spend more time developing Klaus’s character because right now, he’s looking kind of weak.

His scene with Cami, however, was interesting. You can tell Klaus thought he was doing the right thing when he told Cami that he had already taken care of the witch who hexed her brother. Unfortunately, Klaus isn’t the best at reading people. Once again, he played the game his way — but he couldn’t manipulate this outcome. Cami slapped him, told him how she really felt about his heinous actions, and kicked him out. Maybe that slap was exactly what he needed to become a more compelling character because if he keeps acting like a big bad baby, I’m going to start losing interest. (Mind you, this is coming from a massive Klaus fan!)

And then there’s Rebekah, who shares a sweet goodbye with Elijah after realizing he’ll never leave Klaus. (Did “You are free” make anyone else teary eyed?) But there’s one other person she needs to bid adieu — Marcel. Now, Marcel and Rebekah’s sexual tension has been building for weeks, so it really wasn’t a surprise that they hooked up and had HOT vampire sex. But what was surprising was to see Rebekah fall back into her old ways — she asks Marcel to give up his kingdom and run away with her. But Marcel is far too much like Klaus to leave his kingdom behind. (Will Rebekah ever catch a break? Now that Thierry is out of “The Garden,” he’d make a nice suitor, no?)

Just as everything seems to be resolved — Sophie broke the link between her and Hayley, Elijah killed Agnus, Davina has begun to master her powers, and Rebekah is finally free — the final few minutes set up an entirely new battle.

Marcel, who figured out where Klaus and Co. have really been residing all this time, pays his old stomping grounds (aka the plantation he lived on as a child) a visit — and he takes Hayley with him!

Of course, this is going to bring Rebekah back into the picture. And it might even bring the Originals closer together. After all, they’re going to need help locating the little wolf.

$#*! The Originals Say

“So this is what you do the first time we’re back together as a family? Vampire book club?”

“Well I suppose I’ll fetch the rubbish bin because she’s staining a 200-year-old carpet!”

“Probably no one… alright, potentially everyone.”

“Nonsense. Elijah’s back. In his presence, all problems turn to pixie dust and float away.”

“How did I get elected Super Nanny?”

“Well do me a favor and don’t die on my watch. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

“You may have all the vampires in this town cowering in fear, but right now, you’re dealing with the humans.”

“Every time I turn around, I catch an Original will their hand in the cookie jar.”

“I know you were just using me to save your people, but try it again and I’ll kill you.”

“You are free.”

“You tend to give your word at the most inopportune times, brother.”

Catch the next episode of The Originals on Tuesday, November 12, 2013, at 8 p.m. ET on The CW, followed by Supernatural.

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