Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 10, “Somebody That I Used to Know”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 10, Episode 10, “Somebody That I Used to Know”

It’s Thanksgiving on Grey’s Anatomy — well, almost — and the gang is busy making plans. For the holiday, April’s wedding, the future of Cristina and Meredith’s friendship as we know it… which, by the way, now seems totally irreparable after tonight’s episode. Actually, now that we think about it, pretty much everybody’s fighting this week.

So how did it all happen? Let’s get caught up:

Thanksgiving: Happening at Meredith’s this year — but don’t worry, she’s not cooking. Emma, Owen’s new girlfriend is, and Meredith’s just letting her use the McKitchen (much to everybody's relief). Everyone in the hospital’s invited, except Cristina, because she and Mer and still feuding. But more on that later.

Calzona Update: Arizona’s sleeping on the couch, but hey, at least she’s in the apartment! She ‘fesses up to Callie that she was with someone else while they were separated, which Callie can overlook at first. But then she finds out it was Leah at just about the worst time possible — when Leah drills a hole straight through a patient’s leg and into the operating table. And while Callie’s considerably (and understandably) upset, Arizona’s still welcome to the couch.

Bailey’s Breakdown: Something else we got a little insight into this week was why Bailey hasn’t been quite herself lately. Ben’s convinced she’s got OCD that was triggered by the hole-in-glove incident that the CDC investigated last season, but Bailey insists she’s fine. Unfortunately, Ben doesn’t realize that by venting to Derek, he’s making Derek obligated to tell Owen… who is then obligated to keep Bailey from surgery. This causes a MAJOR fight between Bailey and Ben, chairs are thrown, and it doesn’t look good.

April’s wedding: Still happening, and for all the wrong reasons. April’s buzzing around the hospital collecting addresses for invites, and awkwardly adds Stephanie to the list, saying she can bring a date. She later approaches Jackson and asks him to come, telling him she “couldn’t go through with the wedding without his blessing.” Yeah, that sounds like someone who’s totally over her ex-boyfriend and ready to marry someone else.

Mer/Cristina showdown: The fight over the 3D printer lives on, and Cristina yet again goes behind Meredith’s back to try and save a baby’s life. When Cristina tries to appeal to Meredith’s maternal side, it backfires, and the two of them end up in a one sided brawl — Meredith yelling while Cristina just stands there. Wait, that’s not the Cristina Yang we know and love. And since she can’t speak for herself this time, Shane jumps in to defend her, and as soon as Meredith leaves the room, Cristina kisses him. We totally saw this coming, but we’re not sure how we feel about it yet.

Oh, and by the way, Meredith’s hair looked flawless in the last scene of tonight’s episode. Please show us how to make our hair do that.

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11.21.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Nicole Pomarico
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