American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Finale Results! 5/16/2013 (VIDEOS)
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Finale Results! 5/16/2013 (VIDEOS)

Are you ready to find out who won American Idol 2013 — Candice Glover or Kree Harrison? Dive in to our live American Idol recap and join us for the two-hour finale extravaganza! The next American Idol winner is here, and for the first time since Season 6, it won’t be a WGWG!

For those of you wondering what the heck a WGWG is, it’s the
American Idol-spawned acronym for White Guy With Guitar. There certainly won’t be one of those as the winner this year!

All the sleepless nights, the tears, the harsh critiques, and the glorious “wow” moments have come down to this final
American Idol results night. Either Kree Harrison or Candice Glover will be walking away with a huge record deal and the chance to be the next Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson.

Who won
American Idol Season 12 was in America’s hands and your votes will choose which of the Top 2 ladies will be leaving tonight in tears of joy... and which one will be likely crawl off after the show for a good cry when they come in second.

While we have given just the slightest edge to Candice Glover in our predictions for the American Idol winner for Season 12, we’re quite prepared to be proven wrong. The race is so tight, and the predictions so split, it’s really impossible to know for certain what will happen. Of course, we’ll have to wade through hours of special guest performances, commercials, promo bits for the American Idol Live! Tour, iTunes downloads and 2014 14 auditions — before we finally get to the actual results.

Are you ready for the madness to begin? Join us for our live American Idol recap of the finale right here starting at 8 p.m. ET and find out who wins!

It’s all come down to this! We’re about to find out who won American Idol 2013 — Candice Glover or Kree Harrison...

This is... American Idol! Let’s go!

The American Idol Top 11 eliminated contestants are on stage all in white with a group performance of The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” to kick off the show — with fireworks! We are loving seeing Angie Miller back on stage with all of our other favorite finalists. Oh, and Lazaro Arbos too. He looks... shiny.

And now we have our American Idol judges, Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson. Wave bye bye to the judges, because it is very likely we won’t be seeing any of them back new season. Randy has already announced he is quitting. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are pretty much guaranteed to be out. Keith Urban is the only one who wants to come back for American Idol 2014, but he hasn’t heard anything back from the producers on that yet.

Our first guest performance of the night is The Band Perry with guest Janelle Arthur on “Done,” rocking it out and head-banging on their knees! This is actually pretty hella fun. We want a download of this!

Now it’s time for a montage of the WGWG (white guys with guitar) disease of American Idol. No girl has won American Idol since Jordin Sparks from Season 6. The video montage plays on the conspiracy theory that there must be something fishy going on that five guys were sent home in a row. The video declares it must be SABOTAGE! And then it shows the girls backstage telling the guys to do naughty, bad things to prevent the guys from winning, like Amber drugging Devin Velez and Janelle changing the keys on Lazaro’s sheet music. It’s actually pretty amusing.

Burnell Taylor says Candice Glover even stole his lunch money... and that’s why he lost so much weight!

At the end of the video, the mastermind revealed behind the conspiracy is... Jordin Sparks! She reveals it was actually really easy... because none of the Top 10 guys this season had a guitar... She says that Idol leftovers have been doing pretty well on The Voice though, if they want to try that out. Ouch!

And now, OMG, it’s time for the Top 10 eliminated guy contestants to do a horrifying montage group song of songs from The Four Seasons that makes our ears want to cut themselves off and run away. Seriously, it is that bad. Please stop. We can’t take it anymore! And now here comes Frankie Valli of The Four Seasons, who is probably a complete stranger to anyone under the age of 50. That being one of the big problems that needs to be fixed on American Idol. Ever heard of music from the last three decades or so?

And now it’s time for another guest performance, this time a pre-recorded medley of songs from American Idol judge Mariah Carey. Honestly, we find it difficult not to just love Mariah even if she has been a pretty boring judge. Plus, she just looks super hot.

Now let’s welcome back to the stage Amber Holcomb with Emeli Sandé on “Next to Me.” After hearing what Candice Glover did on American Idol last night, we’re once again just not that impressed with Amber and think she really did deserve to be eliminated when she was.

We break for an awkward flashback of the “Ford Fiesta Missions” from Season 12 and the Top 2 finalists talking about how much the missions meant to them. The script reading is so obvious it is painful.

Thankfully, we move along to some hometown visit footage that is very sweet... and then they bring Ford back into it as Kree and Candice give tickets to the American Idol finale from Ford to their loved ones. And then we flash back to the Nokia Theater and Kree and Candice also give them cars. We want a car too, come on!

Woot! Let’s move right along to a hysterically awesome performance from Psy of his new hit “Gentleman.” Who ever guessed he would be more than a one-hit viral wonder with “Gangham Style” — you have to be impressed with this dude even if his music and dancing drives you nuts.

Our next American Idol judge performer of the evening is Keith Urban with his new single “Little Bit of Everything.” Keith Urban is always hot, but he is just so much hotter when he is playing guitar.

Candice Glover takes to the stage next with a performance of “Inseperable” with former American Idol diva Jennifer Hudson. We can only hope that Candice will have as illustrious a career as Jennifer. Actually, she sounds pretty darn good up there with Jennifer and that’s quite a compliment!

Oh sad time now. Angie Miller is back on the stage with “Titanium” at the piano with... Adam Lambert! Too bad they couldn’t get Jessie J. for her duet, since Angie sang her like three times this season. This is pretty, but it just sounds kind of depressing. Or maybe we’re just transferring our disappointment that Angie didn’t make the American Idol finale.

Oh wow! Wait, there she is, Angie’s personal Idol, Miss Jessie J. with “Domino” — And wow is that an incredibly plunging neckline she’s wearing. Now that’s a much happier Angie going on there now. She’s having way too much fun bumping butts with Jessie.

Jessie J. announces after the performance that she has named her new single “Wild” and she wants to fly Angie to the UK and sing it with her together . Or do a video together and put it on YouTube, her choice. Angie says she’d love to fly to the UK and perform with Jessie!

Now it’s time for a video tribute to the American Idol judges with clips and commentary from the Top 10 finalists. They tease Randy Jackson for always saying everyone is “in it to win it.” And then they all put on ridiculous wigs to talk about Nicki’s radical critiques. Devin Velez wears cheetah pants with fake butt pads. Somehow, this does not end up being funny.

Keith Urban is back on the stage, this time for a performance with Kree Harrison on his song “Where the Blacktop Ends” — and Randy Jackson joins in! Watch Randy Jackson play the bass is not so sexy as watching Keith play the guitar...

Okay, now this is just getting silly. We now have a video montage dedicated to exiting judge Randy Jackson and it starts off with a room full of dogs talking about the “Dawg” leaving. Thankfully this brief and we move on to a heartwarming clips video of Randy’s time on American Idol from Season 1 to Season 12 — his final year. “It’s been an amazing give and take for me,” Randy says in closing the video. Back to the live show, Randy says he loves Ryan, loves all the fans, and he is so "blessed, so honored, and so lucky" to have touched so many lives.

After the tribute to Randy, Aretha Franklin joins the show via satellite to say that Candice is a winner and — she and Kree both have promising careers ahead. The Top 5 girls come out on stage to sing a medley of “Natural Woman” and some of her other hits long distance with with Aretha, which is certainly a new trick to us. Pretty cool actually.

After a commercial break, Ryan Seacrest announces yet again that American Idol 2014 auditions will start immediately after the finale ends. And this year — you can audition online! After that, Ryan tells Candice and Kree that America has voted... to select the Ford Escape as the car they will win for making the Top 2.

Before the final American Idol results are announced, we have a video montage review of the season, featuring quite a few of the crazy wild contestants previously eliminated this season, including fire-performer Kez Ban and “The Turbinator” Gurpreet Singh Sarin. We wrap up, of course, with Candice Glover and Kree Harrison making it to the Top 2.

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull take the stage next for a performance of her new single “Live It Up.” We will simply say that this really isn’t our taste in music. And maybe J-Lo needs to start wearing more clothes.

Finally it looks like it’s time for the last performance of the night with a duet between Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. Now we're getting nervous to see who will win! And dim the lights... here we go!

After the nationwide vote, the winner of American Idol Season 12 is.

Candice Glover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To close out the night, Candice sings her new coronation single "I Am Beautiful" — although it's a bit difficult since she's bawling happy tears.

Congrats, we love you girl!

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