American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Top 3 Results! (VIDEOS)
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Top 3 Results! (VIDEOS)

Who got voted off American Idol tonight and will not be in the Season 12 finale? Tune in with us for the American Idol results from the Top 3 elimination and find out if your favorite still has a chance to be the American Idol 2013 winner next week! Our live American Idol recap starts right now!

All of the remaining finalists — Candice Glover, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison — deserve a long and successful music career, but only one will start it out as the American Idol winner for Season 12. We’ve already made our prediction who will make it into the American Idol finale, but the voters have a mind of their own. You never know exactly what is going to happen until the votes are counted!

On American Idol tonight, we’ll finally find out who the Top 2 ladies will be going on to the finale. Whoever makes it through thanks to your votes will have a 50/50 chance at being the winner of American Idol 2013. We have goosebumps! No matter which lady does end up on top, we’ll finally have a female winner for the first time since Jordin Sparks in Season 6. Can you believe it? It's a historic day for the show all the way around, especially since we just learned this afternoon that this will be the last ever winner crowed by American Idol veteran judge Randy Jackson. Sad!

Whether we are right about our prediction and Kree Harrison is the one who was eliminated on American Idol tonight, or we were wrong and either Angie Miller or Candice Glover goes home, we’ll still know someone fabulous is going to win no matter what.

And here we go! First up, of course, we have our usual intro of the American Idol judges and the Top 3 finalists, followed by a Brady Bunch group performance of “Who Say” by Selena Gomez. It isn’t half bad, despite a bit of technical difficulty in the beginning that cut off part of Kree’s part, but we would have picked a less boring song.

After the Top 3 finish, host Ryan Seacrest takes the chance to pimp out the American Idols Live! Tour kicking off this summer and visiting 40 cities across the country. We actually got the chance to see one of these concerts in Seattle last year and it was actually really fun, in a totally cheesy kind of way.

Returning from a break, Ryan says fans can not only vote for the next American Idol winner, they can also pick which Ford car they will get to take home byvoting at You can also head over there and enter for your own chance to win.

For their Ford Fiesta mission this week, the American Idol Top 3 visited with a school choir and sang “Dance Our Tears Away” by John De Sohn. Very pretty actually. Following the mission, we have a brief recap of some of last night’s performances, which once again showed why we think Candice and Angie just have to go head to head in the American Idol finale.

Jimmy Iovine, who seems to have basically taken over this season, says he liked that the Top 3 did not get to choose any of their songs on American Idol last night. He says he wanted to give each of them a very challenging song because the winner will be representing his label. He thinks Angie made a mistake though when he gave her a song she could perform on the piano, but she didn’t. He still thinks she won the first round though.

American Idol auditions for Season 13 open online next week after the finale, so I guess that means American Idol 2014 is a go. We still don’t know who the judges will be, but we do know Randy Jackson will not be back, and it’s very likely none of the rest of the current panel will be returning either. We can also pretty much bet there will be a guy winner next year as we doubt the deck will be (cough) stacked quite so much for the girls next time around.

Continuing the parade of former American Idol contestants to appear on the show, Ryan Seacrest is hamming it up with new Glee star Jessica Sanchez in the audience. She’ll be appearing in tonight’s episode and, of course, don’t forget she has a new album out!

Now we have former American Idol runner-up Lauren Alaina with her new single “Barefoot and Buckwild,” which is honestly just the kind of title we imagined this wild child would have for a song. Lauren is having fun, but she sounds a bit generic and bland to us. We want a bit less cheese and more emotive sparks from Lauren, not so much vocal bouncing around just for the sake of it. Lauren is just graduating high school and Ryan Seacrest wants to know if she’s even old enough to be “buckwild.” She says he’ll have to ask her dad.

Jimmy Iovine reviews the second set of performances from last night and says he is giving this round to Kree Harrison because of how emotionally connected with the song. We agree, it was Kree’s best song in weeks and we felt every painful note of it stabbing us in the heart.

Cut to Mariah Carey hosting the Top 3 ladies in the studio and talking about working in the music industry and their personal self images. This is, of course, a lead in to her music video debut.

Next up we have the world premiere of Mariah Carey’s "#Beautiful" music video, which actually seems to be mostly a whole lot of Miguel singing and Mariah Carey dancing around in skimpy clothes. Oh wait, now she’s singing, and writhing around on a motorcycle in even skimpier clothes. Honestly though, it is not our favorite Mariah song. We prefer the crazy powerhouse ballads and emotionally wrenching belts. This song is too cute.

Back from another break and we get a tidbit about former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert. We see a video montage of his journey on the show and he talks about his success and how he couldn't have gotten there without the show. Ryan says Adam will be back on the finale for a surprise duet, but of course, we already know that because American Idol spoilers about that have already leaked.

Naturally, it is time for another guest performance before we get to the results. Alicia Keys takes the stage to perform her new single "Tears Always Win," which is a little depressing, which makes sense considering the title, but beautiful.

Following another break, Jimmy Iovine recaps the final performances from last night. He thinks Angie didn't quite knock it out of the park with her song. Kree gave great attitude on her song and wasn't bad either. But Candice had one of those 'moments' everyone wants, the kind of moment someone like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey has on stage. He says if Candice goes home tonight, he is going home with her!

Now, finally, it's time to learn who will be going to the American Idol 2013 finale!

Dim the lights... and the first person through to the American Idol 2013 finale is... Candice Glover!

After an endless commercial break the final results are in and... OMG it is a SHOCKING elimination!

The Top 2 going to the finale are Candice Glover and... Kree Harrison! Angie Miller, the former front-runner has been eliminated. She's crying so hard she can't even sing. Kree and Candice appear to be in shock. Even the American Idol judges are freaked out.

Can you believe Angie was eliminated?

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