Real Housewives of Miami Recap Season 3, Episode 10: Adriana’s Wedding
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Real Housewives of Miami

Real Housewives of Miami Recap Season 3, Episode 10: Adriana’s Wedding

Adriana De Moura and Frederic Marq finally get married on tonight's Real Housewives of Miami Season 3, Episode 10! But will she ever make it to the altar? Come to think of it, she might still be getting ready as we speak. Let's find out in our recap, so put on your scariest facial mask, grab your champagne-opening sword, and make sure to get a shot in your butt!

Shots, Shots, Shots But Not the Fun Kind

The episode begins with only 24 hours until Adriana and Frederic's big day, and Adriana is seriously stressing out. So what does she do? She gets a shot in her butt. Makes sense, right?

Real Housewives of Miami Recap Season 3, Episode 10: Adriana’s Wedding
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Lisa Hochstein and Alexia Echevarria head to the beach with Joanna Krupa and Lea Black, neither of whom got invited to the wedding. Right away, Alexia and Lea get into it over Lea and Marysol's drama from last week involving whether Lea reached out to Elsa. Clearly, Alexia and Lea aren't seeing eye to eye.

And now, it's time for Adriana to get married! But uh, no so fast. With not much time before the ceremony, she's still wearing a facial mask reminiscent of a horror-movie villain. Then, she apparently comes close to passing out on the bed. Adriana is told that the minister is adamant about starting at 6:05 p.m., but it quickly becomes clear that anywhere near then is a pipe dream.

Adriana Vs. Her Veil

Finally, Adriana is just about ready, as the minutes continue to tick by. Ultimately, the ladies are blown away by how gorgeous she looks in her dress and make-up, and we are, too! Seriously, her dress is fab. But her veil isn't quite as fab, and when she sees she's been given the wrong one, she tears the veil up and uses what remains. Way to improvise.

It's now 7:25 p.m. when Adriana arrives at the church. We're pretty sure all the male guests need to shave again. But when she finally makes her way down the aisle, with her son, Alex, at her side, it's impossible to not get emotional. She truly looks beautiful, especially wearing Elsa's mantilla. Adriana and the very-patient Frederic are an ideal match.

It's now time for the Great Gatsby-themed reception, old sport. But Lisa is right when she says Adriana's wedding is just about getting ready, since Adriana needs to change clothes again as do her guests, some of whom are seen getting changed on the sidewalk. Nice. And since there's some free time, why don't Lisa and Marysol go at it again? Thanks for initiating this new argument, Alexia.

Real Housewives of Miami Recap Season 3, Episode 10: Adriana’s Wedding
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So Long, Lenny

Tension keeps arising as Frederic busts into the room and informs Adriana that she's now an hour and 35 minutes late to the reception, meaning guests are leaving. One of those guests is Lisa's husband Lenny, who is too tired to stay. Lisa has to run outside to chase him down outside and beg him to return but not before she calls him an "ahole." Ouch.

Luckily, Adriana finally makes it to the reception, the guests can eat, and nobody loses a digit from that crazy sword-wielding guy who opens the champagne. Adriana says she feels like the luckiest girl, and so we're thrilled for her. We just wish she were a little better with time management.

Our Thoughts on the Episode

All in all, the wedding was spectacular, and it was great to see Adriana's in a truly happier place these days. We also wish that Joanna and Lea could have been invited, but we appreciate that Lea at least says she wants the best for Adriana. And we have to say that Lenny was wrong to leave the reception, since it did seem like he was punishing Lisa for Adriana's tardiness.

As for the Lea-Marysol drama, we give credit for Lisa sweeping things under the rug for the time being, at least long enough for Adriana to get married, and we wish Alexia had thought to do the same. Thankfully, the argument at the reception between Marysol and Lisa didn't get too ugly. We just don't know how this will ever fully get resolved.

But we're excited for Adriana and Frederic and wish them all the happiness in the world. Now, we could use a drink. Does anyone have a sword?